General Tips to Focus and Retain BJJ Technique

General Tips to Focus and Retain BJJ Technique

BJJ, better known as Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, is famous for martial arts and ground-level fighting or submission, mainly practiced in Brazil. These techniques are usually used to take advantage of the bigger counterpart, be it size or muscle strength. Derived initially from Japanese words “Ju” and ”Jitsu,” meaning ‘gentle’ and ‘art’ respectively, one can practice BJJ techniques to master the art of non-violent submissions and tackle the opponents with the help of these principle applications. 

By following Jiu-jitsu, you need to approach your opponent, grapple with the enemy, and wrestle by applying joint manipulation. People need to self-defend themselves in a crisis, and here is when BJJ techniques prove effective. Since Jiu-jitsu requires the application of mindful strategies, it is better to practice these skills with the utmost attention and retain the techniques to pin down your opponent. 

Newbies who aspire to learn BJJ techniques might find the training difficult in the initial phase. However, one can quickly adopt a few tips and tricks to ease the learning classes that can enhance focus and further advance the application. 

Tips To Remain Focussed During The BJJ Training

Whatever you learn in the BJJ Hong Kong classes is what you need to put into practice and if you’re not able to stay focused, here are a few tips to cope with that – 

  • Don’t Just Listen, Envision It – The techniques involved and practices in BJJ Hong Kong classes can be callous to understand only by hearing the instructions from the mentor. The student must analyze what their mentors are instructing and visualize the techniques through verbal cues. Listening to the instructions and contemplating via vision helps you understand the technique better to practice it efficiently. 
  • Get A Breather – It’s essential to relax your mind to absorb all the training instructions well to contemplate them at the time of applications. Go out for a walk when you feel stressed out. Get to the right view more often and see what your mentor is practically performing while giving instructions; learn from hand and leg movements to get multiple vital details.
  • Dissect The Technique Training – To understand in a better way, break down the complete technique into numerous steps and step by step. View the process as four different steps and allot appropriate time on each step to retain the intricate details of a BJJ technique.
  • Be Thorough To Know When To Apply A Particular Technique – Some techniques are collated to form a perfect move, and some are minor techniques that are individually practiced. As a BJJ trainee, you must know and realize the situation when a particular technique should be applied to overpower your opponent. The context of the technique is quite helpful to realize, so one can remember when it should be used.
  • Observe BJJ Professionals – The trainers in BJJ Hong Kong classes can help you virtually interact with the legends and league professionals so you can acquire knowledge and situation-wise technique from their experiences. These experiences can help a BJJ trainee to incorporate that knowledge effectively into training.

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