How to Remove Google Account from Chrome?

How to Remove Google Account from Chrome?

Google is an Internet search device which helps you to search the stuff which may be movies, news, shows and all other documents in which you are interested. But for using google, you have to create a google account. This Google Account automatically connects with Google Chrome. All your activities, searches, YouTube history will save automatically in the Google Account.

Can I remove my Google Account from Chrome?

Google provides you a platform where you can also search for the informative stuff apart from the entertainment material. It is right if I say that it will connect you to the whole world. If you make an account on Google then your Google Account is automatically connected with Chrome. But if you don’t want to connect the Google Account to Chrome, then the option of removing the google account from Chrome is also available.

Is it possible to remove Chrome Google Account from laptops?

Google Account is also required if you are working on the laptops. Here, the Google Account will also connect with Chrome. But the good thing is that you will remove your Chrome Google Account from the laptop by following these steps.
Firstly click on the chrome to open it. After that you will see the three dot option on the right side top. By clicking on this symbol, you will see the list. From this list, select the setting option. By clicking on it, you will see the option of Sync & Google Services. After clicking on that option, you will see another list. From that list you will click on the turn off option. By doing this you will sign out to the Google Account and your history, passwords and other stuff will also remove.
So this is the way to remove Chrome google Account from laptop. Follow step by step the above mentioned process and your Chrome Account is deleted permanently.

Can I remove Chrome Google Account from Mobiles?

You can also create Google Account on your mobile phone if you want to use Internet on your smart phone to enjoy your favorite shows. Like Laptops, your Google Account also connect automatically with the Chrome. If you don’t like that change and want to remove the Chrome Google Account from your smartphone then you can follow the steps which are given below. The process of removing Chrome Google Account from mobile phone is almost similar as removing Google Account of Chrome from laptops. First of all open the chrome in your smart phone. Click on three dot option which is present on the right top corner on mobile. You will get a list by clicking on this option. Choose the option of setting from the list. Now, you see the option of Sync & Google Service. Click on this and turn off Sync your Chrome data. By following these steps, you will remove your Chrome Account from your smart phone successfully. Above mentioned process are the easiest way to remove Google Account from Chrome permanently but by doing this, your history, bookmarks and searches will also remove permanently.

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