The Essentials of Asbestos Testing at Home!

The Essentials of Asbestos Testing at Home!

For years, our forefathers used this material called asbestos in building the houses we occupy today. Because these materials were highly heat resistant and super tough, nobody doubted that they would have any big drawback. But later with the progress of science and studies, we understood that asbestos can be really dangerous and even cause cancer and respiratory diseases. That is why the State was wise enough to restrict this product. Now, what about the materials that were already infused in the houses? If you still have them in your property, then there’s the danger lurking around you even today.

Ø  What should you know about testing for asbestos in your home?

Testing all the older properties and finding out traces of asbestos is essential if you want to live worry free and in a healthy atmosphere. But there are some very essential things to remember when you are carrying out this procedure:

o   Crawl in the corners of the house — If you are going to test asbestos on your own, remember that you will have to crawl to the far most corner of your home by yourself. And not just this, you will also have to climb to the top most part of your roof and even test your ceiling for that matter. Remember, asbestos could also be present in your windows and even in your pipelines. So, are you ready to explore all these places in your house? If yes, only then go for the DIY asbestos testing at home.

o   Never ever wake the sleeping lion — An untouched and undisturbed asbestos which stays in its intact condition is like a sleeping lion. We request you not to disturb this at any cost. Even if you are trying to get a sample for your testing purposes, take it out very carefully so that the areas around this sample section aren’t disturbed. Because if it gets mixed with air or crumbles, then it can be very dangerous.

o   Use the kit very carefully— When you are testing asbestos in your home through an asbestos testing kit, remember to do it very carefully. Since you are an amateur, you don’t have any experience of testing this material. Remember, you shouldn’t inhale asbestos directly when you find it anywhere in your house. Wearing a proper mask, gloves, and even over-clothes (on your regular ones so that it doesn’t stick to your skin) is very important. Now, seal it carefully and send the samples to the laboratories in your area. Also, remember not to panic when you find the result positive.

o   Let the experts handle it — The best way to test asbestos is letting the experts handle it. There are lots of excellent companies providing asbestos testing in Melbourne like Asbestos Australia. You can just inform them about your doubts and since they have tremendous experience in this field, they’ll immediately carry out the test safety and provide you with the results.

Now when you are trying to find out if asbestos is present in your house, these tips would surely turn out to be the most helpful for you.

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