Remove Rust from Tools

How to Remove Rust from Tools?

If you can’t place your metal tools at some proper place then definitely it will become rusty. And at that point the question is which method or Ingredient can be used to remove rust from tools. If your metal tools become rusty because of your carelessness, there is still time. Remove rust from these metal tools and again make them like new one.

Remove rust from tools by natural ingredients

Rust can be removed easily from the tools by using natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are;

  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Baking Soda


Lemon is the most powerful natural ingredient which you can also use for removing rust from the tool. But if you want to remove rust by using lemon, you will need a little amount of salt.

Take your rusted tools and clean it with the help of cloth. After that add the salt on these tools. Then cut the lemon, extract the juice of the lemon and then put it on these salt coated rust tools. If the tools are small then leave it for 2-3 hours otherwise leave it for one day. When this time period ends, wash these tools with warm or freshwater. Again clean it from cloth and place it on some safe place.


Vinegar is another natural ingredient which is also used to remove rust from tools. Take a bowl and pour some amount of warm water in it. Add one tablespoon vinegar in this water. After cleaning the tools with dry cloth, put the metal tools in the bowl. Leave the bowl overnight. Next day, remove the tools from the bowl, wash with fresh water and then dry it with the cloth. Do not place the tools in the moisture place. Otherwise it will again become rusty.

Baking Soda

Next ingredient in the list of remove rust from tools naturally is baking soda. Baking Soda is also helpful in removing rust from the tools. To use this for removing rust from tools, pour some water in the bowl and add ½ tablespoon of Baking Soda in it. Mix the paste well and then apply it on the rusty tools and leave it for 12-15 hours. After the time passed take them from the bowl and wash them with warm water. After that, clean them by the cloth.

Citric acid

Citric acid is also used to remove rust from tools. Add some drops of Citric Acid in warm water and then add rusty tools in it and leave it for the day. Next day wash these rusty tools with fresh water and place them at some safe place after drying.

Best Rust removers for metal tools

  • Rust-Oleum 300112 Rust Dissolver Gel, 32 oz
  • Evapo-Rust ER004
  • KRUD KUTTER MR086 the Must for Rust
  • Star brite Rust Stain Remover

Rust-Oleum 300112 Rust Dissolver Gel, 32 oz

Another best chemical to remove rust from tool is Rust-Oleum 300112 Rust Dissolver Gel, 32 oz. apply it for 10 – 30 minutes to get rid of these rusty tools.

Evapo-Rust ER004

Evapo-Rust ER004 is also used for the removal of the rust from the tools. Evapo-Rust ER004 is non-toxic and is available in liquid form.

KRUD KUTTER MR086 the Must for Rust

KRUD KUTTER MR086 the Must for Rust, is the water based chemical which is also used to remove rust from tools. It is also non-toxic but is safe for use.

Star brite Rust Stain Remover

It is the rust stain remover which is used to clean the Corrosion stain off fiberglass easily. You can use the Star brite Rust Stain Remover for removing the rust from the tools.

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