What are the Benefits of Wearing Indian Jewellery?

What are the Benefits of Wearing Indian Jewellery?

Wearing Jewellery has an important place in our tradition. There are separate Jewellery for a few important parts of the body.

These are worn not only for beauty but also for health.

Varma Points: Wearing Jewellery stimulates the important Varma points in our body and maintains every organ of our body. Gold is only suitable for reducing heat and keeping the body cool. Silver Jewellery can enhance our life. It removes the heat from our body and gives coolness to the body.

Gold has the potential to enhance the beauty of the body over the course of the day as it is always touching our body. Diseases are indirectly controlled by wearing Jewellery. Not only gold but also Jewellery like silver, pearls and corals have benefits. You can buy Ethnic Jewellery online from the best web store.

Tilak: The area between the two eyebrows is called the forehead blister. According to medical research, it is the place for memory and the ability to think. Tilak on the forehead, cools the area. And it prevents the energy of our body from going out and wasted.

Earrings: Ear piercing is celebrated as an important ritual in the community. The main purpose of wearing earrings with ear piercings is to strengthen eye sight. Ear piercings and ear piercings are a part of our culture. In women the eyes and vital organs are connected to the ear nerves. As the ear nerves are connected to the eyes, the earlobes help in good eye sight. Increasing the functional capacity of the brain. May have visual acuity.

Nose Wearings: Nose wearing is a habit that has been around for a long time and is still gaining importance in the fashion world today. Adolescents have some gas in the cranial region. It is to remove these gases from the body that the habit of puncturing the nose has developed. Thus nasal related problems for women are remedied. The right side for men and the left side for women are the strongest areas in the airway. Breathing on the right side is the only way to benefit the body and mind.

Necklace: When the chain is worn around the neck, the flow of energy between the body and the head is smooth. As women wear Jewellery around their necks, they get more positive energy. In particular, every little outfit worn with necklace helps to keep the body and mind of women healthy. In addition, necklaces help keep blood flow smooth.

Rings: The points that stimulate the genitals are on the ring finger. The ring worn on the fingers helps to reduce tension, pleasant speaking ability, and beautiful vocal richness. The main reason for wearing it on the ring finger is to help stabilize the male and female reproductive organs. Wearing a ring on the fingers also helps to get rid of heart ailments and stomach ailments. The ring should not be worn on the little finger. The nerve that flows in the ring finger is connected from our brain to the heart.

Bajuband: Wearing a bracelet, watch, South Indian Bajuband with price can also trigger genital spots. Wearing tight-fitting clothing or ropes around the arm reduces blood flow to the general body, reduces tension and reduces fear. Helps to keep it smooth.

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