Remove Sink Stopper

How to Remove Sink Stopper

Blockage of Sink Stopper is almost the problem of every house. The question is that how to get rid of this problem. Plumbers are available to remove the blockage from the Sink Stopper. Sometimes, unwanted material like hairs, soap scum trapped in the drain and will block the water supply, and as a result, less amount of water passes through the sink stopper, and a large amount of water remains in the sink. So, at that point, you will call a plumber to solve this issue. But it will take time and you have to pay him for this.

Another option is also available. You will also resolve this issue for yourself by yourself simply by following the steps which are given below.

But before that, it’s your right to know the equipment which is used to remove Sink Stopper.

Equipment’s required to remove Sink Stopper

If you are going to remove Sink Stopper by yourself you will require some basic and important equipment which are also available in the home. For this purpose, the first thing you require is the glove. Wear the glove before starting the procedure of removing the Sink Stopper as the necessary precaution. The second basic piece of equipment you need to remove the Sink Stopper is the wrench. The wrench will help you to remove the nut available beneath the Sink Stopper. Drain cleaner liquid is also required in this process. It will help to clean the drain of the Sink Stopper. Apart from this, hair clog removal is also used to clean the Sink Stopper. Its work is to remove the hairs from the Sink Stopper.

You also require the bucket which is used when you open the nut attached to the rod and the strap. Flashlight and brush are also used in this process so also keep them with you while you are removing Sink Stopper. The flashlight is used when you open the nut which is available beneath the sink and with the help of the brush, you will remove hairs or other unwanted products (which are the reason for blockage of the Sink Stopper) by putting hair clog removal on it.

Process of removing Sink Stopper

After keeping the above-mentioned equipment with you, by following the following steps you will easily manage your problem of removing the sink stopper.

Wear the gloves and remove the things which are available under the sink. After doing that put the bucket with you. Take the wrench and flashlight. In the light of the torch, open the nut with the help of a wrench which is available on the plunger rod which is located horizontally beneath the sink. Place the bucket under this rod. Now you are able to remove the Sink Stopper with your hand. Now take a brush and put hair clog removal on it. With the help of it remove the hair and other material that is involved in blocking the Sink Stopper. Also, remove the hairs from the hole. After that wash the Sink Stopper with the help of drain cleaner liquid. Finally, it’s time to fix the Sink Stopper back if you don’t want to replace this Sink Stopper with the new one.

These are some basic steps of removing the Sink Stopper. By following these steps you will easily manage to solve your issue of Sink.

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