5 Types of Bathrooms You Should Consider for Your Home 

5 Types of Bathrooms You Should Consider for Your Home 

When buying a house, the buyer doesn’t just make a decision based on the final report of a home inspection in Jackson. Before things head to the inspection, buyers often weigh the pros and cons of buying the place; they evaluate if the house is suitable for the family or not. One of the deciding factors for this is the type of bathrooms a house has. Depending on the type of bathroom and how many of them are present, a buyer and a real estate agent can understand if it is suitable for a family. 

A bathroom type is evaluated based on four components in the room: sink, shower, toilet, and tub. These four complete the bathroom. Depending on which of these is in the room, bathrooms are divided into five types: full, primary, three-quarter, half, quarter. 

Full bathrooms 

Full bathrooms have a sink, toilet, shower, and a combination of shower and tub; some may even have a separate tub and shower. Most homes have at least one full bathroom. These are extremely valuable, as much can be done in a limited space. 

Primary/ en-suite bathrooms 

En-suite or primary bathrooms are those connected to the master or the primary bedroom of the house. These usually have two doors: one to the room and one to the bathroom. In such layouts, the toilet is enclosed with a door, as well. While these are valuable in a house, they make things difficult if there are no other bathrooms in the house. 

Three-quarter bathrooms 

These types of bathrooms have a sink, toilet, and a separate shower or tub. These days, the third component is mostly a shower with tubs not being added to renovated bathrooms. Having these along with a full bathroom in a house can increase the appeal of the property. 

Half bathrooms  

Half bathrooms usually come with a toilet and sink. These give homeowners much-needed privacy when they have guests over, as outsiders need not use the primary or full bathroom or enter a room to use a bathroom. This type of bathroom is also known as a powder and comes with minimal storage space.

Quarter bathrooms 

Quarter bathrooms are also known as utility bathrooms or shower and come with a shower or a toilet. These make doing outdoor repairs easy, as you can easily clean up without having to walk inside the house and track in all the dirt. 


Bathrooms are one of the first places most families checkout in a house they are planning to purchase. This is especially true in the case of bigger households, which need a certain number of bathrooms to avoid chaos. Having one full bathroom, a three-quarter, and a half bathroom can make a property desirable to a family of six. 

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