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Implementing Medicare Guidelines into Your Physical Therapy Office

Throughout recent years, there have been a variety of changes to the healthcare market, which has greatly impacted how our society functions. All throughout the globe in 2021, there have been a multitude of different changes to the way the medical field functions, and numerous new types of technologies and techniques have enabled growth for patients and practices. One of the fastest growing medical specialities today is physical therapy, as it has become more prevalent than ever before to treat patients with all types of ailments. Physical therapy has grown immensely, but this has created greater competition within the field. Operating your own PT practice in 2021 is no simple task, especially when you have to handle working with different insurance providers, especially Medicare. Medicare is not easy to work with, which is why it is imperative to learn how to work within the Medicare physical therapy guidelines. It is challenging to figure out the details of Medicare progress notes without guidance, which is why it is important to learn about this for your practice. Understanding the numerous ins and outs of Medicare progress reports is essential to your practice’s continued business with Medicare.

Understanding Progress Notes for Medicare Patients

If you want to ensure the best possible billing process for your Medicare patients, it is essential for you to learn about the standards of this process. Medicare necessitates all PT practitioners to fill out progress reports, which ensure that patients receiving care require it. This is termed ‘medically necessary’ and without determining it for your patients, you will not be able to continue treating them. To be considered medically necessary, treatment must either be actively helping patients to get better or be maintaining a physical issue to ensure it does not get worse. Either way, you need to ensure medical necessity in order to continue treating Medicare patients. Along with this facet, there are numerous other elements you need to include in your progress notes.

Medicare Progress Notes Facets

In order to ensure that your practice can continue seeing Medicare patients, you have to fill them out effectively and comply with Medicare’s standards. It is essential for your enterprise to learn about the various standards, and along with medical necessity, there are a multitude of other facets you need to comply with. One of the most important of these facets is measuring a patient’s subjective statements in an objective manner. It is critical to measure physical progress as well. After that, you need to also create plans for continuation of treatment as well as any alteration of goals. Finally, you have to ensure that your progress notes contain all signatures and credentials of practitioners, as well as all dates of service throughout the required 10 sessions per set of progress notes. Learning about this for your enterprise is critical and will help to improve your outcomes.

Final Thoughts

In order to more effectively operate your PT practice, it is essential to adhere to Medicare guidelines. Learning how to do this in your practice is essential and will enable you to give patients the best possible care.

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