Important things to consider while hiring a professional painter

Important things to consider while hiring a professional painter

On average most residential houses get painted every five to ten years.  If you are a homeowner and you exceeded ten years without repainting your house, it’s time that you probably need to hire a painter. In this article, we are going to cover some important points you might want to consider before hiring a painter for your house renovation project.

Review past work

While hiring a painter, you must look at its previous projects. Getting feedback from other customers about the painter will help you get an overall idea on their work quality. You can consider searching online as your primary step. But, it would be more effective if you can call or visit some of his past clients. As the next step, you can also ask your painter to provide samples of his recent projects.

Reviewing the Contract

Always make sure to go through the contract provided by your painter before promising any sort of deal. It’s always better to keep surprises at bay and understand what the house painters of West Auckland have to offer. You must double-check your contract and look for the painter’s key information such as name, contact address, call number, license ID, and estimated details. Make sure that the estimated details contain a breakdown of different prices such as labour and material costs that are needed for the painting job.

The Type of Materials They Use

When it comes to hiring a painter, it’s best in mind to ask them prior about the quality of the painting materials they will be using for your house project. Also, don’t forget to examine the caulk type they will be used during the preparation stage. Poor quality caulking can make you lose 2-5 years on your paint job.

Make them align with your goals

While you are discussing your project with a professional painting contractor, try to be thorough and as clear as can be before agreeing on any deals. Make your expectations and assumptions clear to them and then hear their options. If you think you are good with their proposal, estimate and plan; then only move forward with their contract. Otherwise, look for other better options.

How long is the paint warranty

As a responsible homeowner, make sure you ask them about the job warranty  when considering hiring a house painter. Most of the professional house painters offer at least a one year warranty. This is because most issues like colors peeling off start to appear within the first year itself. If you search properly, you would also get painters who will provide you a warranty period of two to three years.

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