Interior Decor Ideas: 4 Types Of Front Door Styles

Interior Decor Ideas: 4 Types Of Front Door Styles

With the doors, we tend to both enter and exit our homes. Thus, the perfect front door can be the perfect touch that brings about the appeal to your house. Nowadays, we have more choices for entry door styles than a few decades ago. Whether you want simplicity or a showstopper look, you will find it with the help of these four styles of door that’s going to impact your interior décor ideas.

  1. Traditional – The traditional entry door style doesn’t feature any glass in it. Glass is replaced by raised panels and patterns that might be beautiful and intricate. While the door itself might be absent of glass panes, sidelights can be added to invite in natural light.
  2. Craftsman door – This type of a front door design has been making huge headlines in terms of style and beauty over the last few years. While craftsman doors has been made popular by the houses of the same. They look fantastic compared with almost any home. You will b able to tell style door when you notice the panes of glass in the upper third of the door panel that are separated from the rest of the door by trimming or melding. As part of interior decor ideas, it looks very beautiful from the inside when light shines through.
  3. Modern – The modern style of doors puts emphasis on clean, streamlined looks and that is very much true for this entry door style. Rather than having a complex patter, modern doors often tend to incorporate one large panel of glass or a few small panels in the centre of the of the frame. This typically is very much of a polarizing look with most people either love or hate it.
  4. Ornate – Undoubtedly, ornate design is quite possibly the most popular front door design, especially when you want to draw attention to your house and subsequently your interior décor ideas. Like outdoor flooring helps to décor your house with more attractive way.  The most noticeable feature of this house is the ornate glass shapes that are situated in the middle of the panel itself. Some of the particular ornate doors also feature an intricate metal detailing overlaying that of the glass. This door design is particularly a popular choice in many homes, especially those that prefer contemporary or colonial homes.

Choose a front door that is exciting to look at not only from the outside but also from the inside. Choose colors canvas prints  that bring about vibrancy to the interiors of the house. However, it shouldn’t be that expensive which makes you to drain your vacation fund. You can take the help of a professional who not only help you get the perfect front door but also help with your interior decor ideas for prints  like watercolor.

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