Is it good to take up music degree course in London?

Is it good to take up music degree course in London?

Yes, a music degree course is definitely worth it for aspiring musicians and entrepreneurs, and earning it from London is not less than a cherry on the cake. London is home to some leading music schools that focus on the holistic development of aspiring musicians. A music degree in London prepares students to write or compose music of their own. The course builds self-esteem and provides confidence to students for trying something new as they gain experience in singing or playing a musical instrument. Therefore, a professional music degree is essential to get employment, acquire the right skill sets and gain in-depth knowledge in music to stand apart in the industry.

Why in London?

One of the important centres of the foreign music industry, United Kingdom’s London is home to several modern music colleges. Surprisingly, the city is also believed to be the best place to gain music acumen due to its vigorous nature. Furthermore, London has several live music venues, theatres, restaurants, lounges, museums, and cinema halls due to its multi-racial and vibrant culture that presents an excellent opportunity to learn music and secure work.

That’s not all. According to a QS higher education group survey on around 50,000 students, London topped the list of the best city worldwide for university students. The ratings were given considering parameters such as quality of life, affordability and job opportunities.

In addition, music schools in London also help students make their brains work harder, relieve stress, think creatively, and increase human connections. Although a professional degree in music is not mandatory for a musical career, earning it can definitely put you ahead of others in the increasingly competitive industry.

What makes London different from other international destinations to pursue a music course?

Now when you have learnt the benefits of pursuing a music degree course, we will familiarise you with the reasons that differentiate London from other destinations.

  • Home to prestigious music schools

London has several music schools that offer accredited programmes in music. The courses also equip students with the techniques to commercialise their work and distribute it in the market. In addition, these music schools aim to nurture creative, talented and ambitious students with a passion for music and business.

  • Wide range of music programmes

From BA (Hons) Music Business Management to MMus Commercial Music Technology, music schools in London offer a broad range of music career programmes. These programmes last from three years to four years, equipping students with a deep understanding of the music language.

  • Affordable

Pursuing a music degree course in London is quite affordable, drawing many perspective musicians from across the world. Additionally, these courses provide a strong foundation for music through creative events and activities besides education. These music schools also offer the opportunity to students to complete their studies in part-time or full-time mode. Attending a top music school in London costs approximately GBP 9,250 annually for a full-time music degree programme.

So, leap ahead in your career and gain the right skillsets by signing up for a music degree course in London right away!

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