Is it Possible to do House Painting all by Yourself?

Is it Possible to do House Painting all by Yourself?

If you are considering DIY painting your entire house (apartment or villa), then we have something to say. First, it is a good idea to paint the house as it transforms the overall visual appearance and makes the space livelier and fresher. However, we would like to add that DIY painting has its pros and cons, and won’t recommend it to you.

Following are the reasons why house painting by yourself does not seem to be a feasible idea for us.

1. It is not safe.

DIY house painting involves climbing ladders and reaching places where you usually won’t go. As you are not an expert, you might not be able to provide the desired finishing to certain places. But a professional has ladders and other equipment to furnish you with a perfect outcome, a well-painted home. Moreover, if you are allergic to paints and strong odours, you might not be comfortable while working with the same.

2. It is costly.

When you plan to paint the interiors and exteriors of your house, you need brushes, ladders, paints, tollers, tapes, primers, and all sorts of materials. You will be surprised that you do not know the names of some of these materials and how to use them. But a professional painter has all the materials to help you with the painting project. His staff is trained in using this equipment and is confident of providing you with the said outcome.

3. It is time-consuming.

Even the prep work before the painting project needs considerable time. You need to organize your belongings, cover them with papers and plastic sheets, and arrange a safe place for your kids and pets. And when it comes to the actual painting, it involves numerous tasks such as scraping, priming, painting, coating, double coating, and so on. You will experience that the house painting job has consumed a significant portion of your precious weekend.

4. It is hectic.

We have already discussed the cost and time factors. Now, let us move towards the comfort factor. DIY house painting requires you to be physically active, and it could be strenuous for you. You already have a job or business and family responsibilities. Instead of taking the toll on your shoulders, why not assign to the house painters in auckland?

5. It is confusing.

Maybe you do not know which colours are suitable for your ceiling. Or which primer is ideal for the walls. You might buy one colour because you liked, but it looks completely different when applied. But an expert knows much about the colours, and he will guide you throughout the process.

Conclusively, DIY painting is not a wise idea, but hiring a professional painter is surely a feasible one.

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