Know About The Methods To Repair Cracks In External Rendered Walls

Know About The Methods To Repair Cracks In External Rendered Walls

Most homeowners out there ask the same question when it comes to external rendered walls – how to repair the cracks? It’s a typical query that gets asked too many times but only gets answered seldom.

That’s why we’re here to solve your issues, as we’re going to delve deeper into the process of repairing cracks in external rendered walls via professional gib fixing services.

Can You Actually Repair A Cracked Render?

Yes. It’s possible to repair cracks in an external rendered wall. However, there are some conditions that the repairing team must check before progressing with the task:

  • Does the rendered wall make a hollow sound when tapped near the cracks?
  • Have the cracks joined together up?
  • Does the rendered wall feel soft or crumbly?

If the repairing team faces any of the above-mentioned situations, then the rendered wall needs to be replaced completely. This is because all of the aforementioned symptoms state that the render has been disengaged completely from the wall.

The Reason Why The Render Come Off From The Wall

There can be a number of reasons why the render might come off from the wall, but generally, such a situation arises mainly because of poor installation in the first place. It could be possible that the wall was not prepared for the render to be applied, leading to such failures.

Other times, it can be due to the weather conditions in the region that the house is situated because if the temperature is too cold or hot, then the entire curing process can be affected. Few times, cracks can also appear due to the topcoat of the render being too strong for the base coat. As a result, the base coat will expand more, leading to the topcoat experiencing cracks.

Can Cracks Be Caused By Any Structural Issues?

In case the property is old, then cracks in the rendered wall is a just symptom of wear & tear over time. It’s a normal process that you have to deal with and the cracks must be repaired to prevent any entry of water or frost. Moments like these are when you need to opt for a professional building surveyor, who can advise you on the correct procedure for dealing with such issues.

Should You Repair Or Replace The Rendered Wall?

As has been discussed before in this guide, if the rendered wall can be repaired (based on the causes), then you should opt for a straightforward repair. However, if the damages are huge and simple repairs will not do the job, then you need to replace the rendered wall entirely.

Having said that, if you’re looking to get your external rendered wall fixed, be sure to connect with us. We offer highly professional exterior plastering & rendering services.

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