Know the Differences between Scrap Yards and Salvage Car Yards!

Know the Differences between Scrap Yards and Salvage Car Yards!

You would have often heard about these two phrases a lot – a scrap yard and a salvage car yard. And we are sure you can’t distinguish between these two easily. As similar as they sound, but you have to know that these two yards are entirely different from one another. But it is very important to know the differences of these two places if you are thinking of contacting any of them in the near future.

Ø  The major differences between a scrap yard and a salvage car yard

Let’s not believe in any misconceptions or gather wrong knowledge about these two places. So, keep reading below to know the facts:

o   The actual definition of scrap and salvage cars — Before knowing about the differences between the two yards, it is very important to distinguish between these two words. The scrap cars literally mean the vehicles which are of no use to you and can just be dumped in the junkyard or recycled for good. And salvage cars are the vehicles which have faced a massive damage due to accident or some other reason and the insurance on them have been claimed. These cars are later sold out as salvage cars.

o   The process of selling a car in the salvage yards — The salvage car buyers tend to buy the vehicle that is of no use to you and after the insurance of the same is claimed from the company. Most people believe this misconception that you can sell your car to a salvage yard only if it is not working. But even if the car is working, the salvage car buyers do consider purchasing them. You just have to call them and let them know the exact condition of your vehicle and accordingly they will fix a specific price of the same and pick it up from your property or any other point. You get a better price for the salvage vehicles (in comparison to scrapped ones).

o   The process of selling cars in the scrap yards — When you consider selling your car to the scrap yard, you have to call a company that accepts the scrap cars in Auckland, AutoWrecker is one such company which has more than two decades of experience in scrapping numerous vehicles and using them wisely. The major difference between the scrap yard and the salvage yard is that you tend to get a slightly lower price for your vehicle when you sell it for scrap. And not just your wholesome car, but even if you have certain spare parts of your vehicle that are of no use to you, you can call the car scrappers and sell them as well. They pay you according to the weight of the vehicle that you are selling.

These are the major differences between these yards. But there is also one common point between both of these. It is that they tend to buy your waste vehicles and recycle them wisely for the environment. Some of them even sell the spare parts of your car at reasonable rates. In all, both of these procedures are for the benefit of you and the environment and should be considered when you want to get rid of your salvage or scrap car.

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