4 Essential things every owner should know about their car!

4 Essential things every owner should know about their car!

You are always the most caring person when it comes to looking after your car. From making it look presentable and adding the latest model editions of parts to it, you do every possible thing for its better performance. But when we ask you some really important but neglected things about your car, you are totally blank! So, we thought of dedicating a post on the essential things about your car that you should definitely know.

Ø  Know these very essential things about your car!

You might not have all that knowledge about the engine, the fluid that you use, the various hoses in your engine, and the wires connecting it, but you should at least have knowledge of the important pointers that we have listed below when it comes to your car.

o   The year, brand, and model — You never forget yours or your pet’s birthday. How can you forget or not know the year of manufacturing of your car? When you go out to buy some spare parts for your vehicle or there is a sudden damage in your car, the first thing that anybody would ask you would be about the year of its manufacturing and the model.

o   The VIN — Another very essential thing to know about your car is the Vehicle Identification Number. This number signifies the exact year of manufacturing of your vehicle along with its company and other information required. You don’t have to visit anybody to get this number. Just look at the number printed on your dashboard next to the driver’s side and you will get this number. From insurance companies to the mechanics who repair your car, you will be required to show this VIN.

o   The proper maintenance schedule —Just as an appointment to the dentist is important to you, even the visit with the car to the car’s doctor is very essential. You just couldn’t skip this maintenance schedule because you don’t know about it. This timely maintenance lubricates your car properly and makes it keep working constantly without any glitches. If you want a long life of your car, you have to know the proper maintenance schedule of your vehicle.

o   The exact condition of your car — As the owner of the car, it is important that you should be aware of the exact condition of your car. You couldn’t say that you aren’t aware about how the vehicle works and how long it would run. As an owner, you should be knowing when your car is smoothest like butter on the road and when it gets so dilapidated and worn-out that you have to give it to Scrap Car in Auckland the car wreckers who’ll take away your old car as scrap and wreck to recycle it responsibly.

You can’t call yourself a proud car owner if you don’t know about these basic but important things about your vehicle. We hope you are brushing upon your knowledge now so that the next time you don’t feel the embarrassment of not knowing your car well.

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