Learn The Method Through Which A Home Inspector Inspects A Clothes Dryer

Learn The Method Through Which A Home Inspector Inspects A Clothes Dryer

The working procedure of a clothes dryer is indeed very simple – the wet clothes go in and the dry clothes come out. These appliances keep on working year after year without any issues and when they do turn defective, your entire laundry schedule goes for a toss. One of the main reasons why clothes dryers fail prematurely is because of non-maintenance over time.

So, when a home inspection process takes place, the home inspector has to check the working of all the household appliances, including the clothes dryer. But, how do a home inspector inspect a clothes dryer? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss extensively in this guide. Take a step back, stay relaxed and enjoy this short read.

Clothes Dryers Collect Lint With Every Load

Lint exists on every type of fabric, especially new ones. According to professional services for residential home inspections in Hope Mills, when a cloth goes through a washing cycle, the fibres get loosened up. And some of these loose fibres get detached from the cloth and end up inside the clothes dryer.

Unless you’re unaware, lint is highly flammable. So, when the clothes dryer gets hot during its operation, it can be possible that the accumulated lint may start an accidental fire inside your home. And in case a fire doesn’t happen (which is the worst outcome), then the appliance might require a proper replacement or repair.

Homeowners Don’t Clean Lint From Clothes Dryers

A lot of homeowners out there fail to clean their clothes dryers regularly. But, contrary to popular beliefs, cleaning a clothes dryer to remove the lint is very easy & straightforward. As a result, you’ll lower any risks of fire hazard or your dryer failing to work normally.

The Things That A Home Inspector Inspects In A Clothes Dryer

There are various ways using which a home inspector inspects a clothes dryer. The first thing that a home inspector inspects is the installation of the dryer and whether the same has been done correctly. If the installation hasn’t been done properly, it can easily affect the working & performance of the same.

Apart from checking the installation, the inspector also checks the working of the dryer. A healthy clothes dryer should work without any issues, noise or heating up. In case the inspector experiences either or all of the three issues with the clothes dryer, then the same will be propagated to the customer for immediate repairs or replacements.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a professional home inspector for your needs, don’t forget to give our team a call. We’ll try to aid you any time.

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