The Importance Of Mould Inspection When Purchasing A New Home

The Importance Of Mould Inspection When Purchasing A New Home

If you’ve ever lived inside an old house, you’ll be very much familiar with the musty smell or mould and dampness. However, not all old homes have the presence of mould inside them. The presence of mould depends on the overall maintenance that is carried out by the homeowner.

In case you’re unaware, mould seriously poses a great deal of structural as well as health hazards, which is the reason why it’s essential to carry out mould inspections before you proceed to purchase a new house. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll discuss the main reasons why mould inspections are critical.

The Crucial Need For Mould Inspections

  1. For Health Problems

According to professional services for mould inspection in Bradford, health issues are the first & foremost reason why mould inspections are important. Mould exposure can lead to harmful effects on human beings. For instance, people who suffer from allergy-related issues will see intense flare-ups when inhaling mould spores. The problem doesn’t end there because people who have respiratory illnesses such as asthma or apnoea will also feel difficulty in breathing.

Apart from the above-mentioned effects, mould can also affect normal human beings with side effects such as shortness of breath, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, throat irritation and the like. Mould is generally found in damp places inside a house.

  1. For Home Structural Problems

Mould inside homes, especially wooden ones, heavily compromise the overall structural integrity. This is because the mould allows the wooden structure to decay over time, making it soft & brittle. The damage can be compared to termite infestation. However, the difference is that – mould infestation is not as easily visible as termite infestation – unless you hire a professional for the inspection process.

Over time, if the growth of mould inside a home goes unchecked, the entire structure of the house will be affected as a result. So, it’s highly recommended that you perform a proper mould inspection before purchasing a new home.

When Should You Get Your Mould Inspections Done?

In case you’re planning to purchase a house that has been through a period of vacancy, then it can be a good idea to perform a professional mould inspection.

Vacant homes are generally left to run without any air-conditioning or heating systems, which is why it becomes difficult to regulate the interior environment. When homes are left without any air circulation or temperature regulation for a certain period, moisture will easily find its way inside, leading to the growth of mould.

Therefore, it would be prudent on your part to complete a mould inspection before finalising the deal with the seller. The process might take some time, but that time will surely be worth it in the end.

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