Can Playing Music Instruments Keep the Stress Away?

Can Playing Music Instruments Keep the Stress Away?

Stress buildup is quite normal for all of us. Naturally, we are programmed in a way where there are certain ways to release stress. Also, it is important to practice stress release every so often. Accumulating stress can lead to disastrous consequences over time. Research has proven music to be a stress releaser when done right. Playing music instruments is even more so as you get the sense of connectivity. Here’s how playing your favorite instruments can help keep stress away:

The buildup of Stress Over Daily Routines?

Everything that we do in our daily routines can contribute to stress buildup. Even though there might be nothing wrong with the routine stuff, it can still cause stress accumulation. Repetition of the same tasks can be stress-provoking in its own right. Let alone stuff that you have troubles or problems with.

We might leave home as one person and come back as a totally different person. All that goes on during each day can make stress levels go high or lowered down. Similar routines often tend to produce more stress in most of us. However, this might not work the say way for everyone.

Kind of Impact All These Lockdowns Are Having

And then, there are these Covid-19 induced lockdowns and their effects on stress buildups. People are having to spend time inside their homes. Staying home might not sound like a bad idea but it gets kind of boring after a while. This is where that stress starts to get out of hand when we don’t go outdoors much.

Playing musical instruments has the ability to bring about that much-needed change. Of course, if you are a professional music-related person, you might not find it so fascinating. For all the rest of us, playing instruments has the ability to make stress go away rather quickly.

Playing Music Instruments Releases Stress

So, why does playing musical instruments help release stress? Well, it’s all about movements and our minds that are related to listening to what we are producing in terms of music. It might be hard to explain and actually understand. You will get the idea when you play any of your favorite instruments.

They say “music is food for the soul”. We say, playing instruments is healthy food for the mind. When you move your hands on those instruments and your body to the music, something happens deep within. Something good. All that stress seems to break away and give rise to healthy emotions.

Some of the Best Stress Releasing Instruments:

Of course, not everyone will get pleasure playing any instrument. This will be a personal preference and choice-dependent thing. Also, there are some typical music instruments that are scientifically linked with stress release. Playing your favorite ones also does the job pretty nicely.

Stringed instruments in general have proven to quite a stress releaser. Playing music instruments like these can get your mood back up to speed quickly. Here are some that we like and are linked to stress release by research. Pick the one that suits you best and matches your preferences:

Traditional Harp

First comes the Irish Harp. It might be difficult to master and to play. But, one thing for sure, it is a damn good stress releaser. You can find one at good prices from some good musical instruments’ distributor in Ireland or around the world for that matter. However, harps are some of the more expensive instruments. Playing music instruments like the Harp has the ability to break down high-stress levels.

Majestic Violins

Look for a quality violin for sale and you will get some good deals on these. You will find these majestic stringed music makers to be some of the most soul-satisfying. The rich much and its playing style combine to make your stress day normal again. Also, you will find quality violins to be quite expensive. But starter ones may be available for much less.

Guitars and Sitars

Stringed instruments like the guitars and sitars are not only crowd favorites but also very soul-pleasing. Something about their entire ideas and existence that makes people move their bodies. Although, moving is more related to guitars and not so much with sitars. However, both are pretty easy to learn and make stress go away like it never arrived.

The Beautiful Irish Bouzouki

In our humble opinion, if you put aside beautiful musical instruments, the Irish bouzouki will be right up there. It sure looks good and plays well too. Playing music instruments that look this good and provide music this authentic is sure to release stress. It is right on the medium side of things when it comes to learning and mastering. Find one to match your size and playing preferences.

Drums Like the Bodhrans

Drums that are bigger may sound good. But they are not linked to stress release. Smaller ones like the bodhran drum however are much linked with stress release as well. You can dance and move the body along with playing musical instruments like the Bodhran. These are light, cheap and keep going for ages. Just make sure to find the right one for your preferences.

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