Solve Curtain Issues When You Have Bay Windows

Solve Curtain Issues When You Have Bay Windows

Do you have bay windows that make you feel uncomfortable sometimes? Bay windows look a bit odd in your dream home because they sometimes cause problems. There is not much difference between a bay window and an ordinary window. However, a window is one that is similar to a regular window in your living room but is has an odd feature. What is that?

In this post, we will discuss more the problem of bay windows in your house and how you can solve certain problems in your house with bay windows. Let us show you how your windows can communicate with the rest of your home and walls and how it occupies extra space that creates a certain issue in the room.

What is Bay Window Problem?

In most large homes, the problem of bay windows often troubles homeowners because they communicate with the rest of the house differently. It shows the window space projecting outwards from the main walls of buildings that tend to create a bay in a specific living or dining room. There is not much problem with having a bay in your room. However, this can get tricky for some people when you need to find the best type of curtain design to suit the needs of your home.

Choosing the right design for your curtain is indispensable because bay windows would look unattractive and odd without the right prime curtain cleaning covering them. Bay windows are easily recognizable in your homes or offices because they often protrude outwards from the wall. In fact, they are recessed into your walls like a small balcony.

The Purpose of Bay Windows Explained

Bay windows as you can guess stand like a balcony in your house; however, they are not actually large balconies where you can sit, stand, or walk easily. These balcony-type spaces are often small and are also separate from your rooms. The main purpose or goal of these windows and the peculiar structure they bring is to allow more sunlight into your room. That also aims to enhance the surface area of the wall in your particular room.

Looking back in history, bay windows were first introduced in large stone cathedrals in the Gothic era. The cathedrals were large and contained a set of heavy chapels. Those bay windows were perfectly created to suit the needs of those places to bring in more sunlight inside.

The use and popularity of bay windows enhanced in the subsequent years as many modern homes in Sydney also contain one or two windows. This common structure has its negative side and a positive one. For instance, it allows people to create a sunny and cozy structure inside their house to enjoy natural light. Bay windows also go hand in hand with your bedrooms. They provide a great combo for many reasons and occasions. It is also a great thing to have a window in the dining room to enjoy a Saturday night dinner party. It allows guests to enjoy the beautiful view of the lawn outside.

How to Style Bay Windows Correctly in your House

As you know windows have pros and cons in your house, so in order to avoid curtain problems, you need to plan bay windows in your master bedroom or living room. For example, in your master bedroom, windows can also help to expand the usable floor space even thought they do not add significantly to the floor structure.

That means the small space that is open-end by your bay window can be utilized to create an addition sitting area. The curtain rod can go across the wall and span the entire window. You need to make sure that you buy the right size of curtain rod or order a custom one just for your window. The curtains can look lovely in this area as they can block the excessive sunlight from entering your room. So, this is a good solution if you follow it properly.

Upholstery and Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

A great addition to your home is a large window that enlightens the hearts of your guests and creates aesthetics. However, curtains that big to cover large bay windows need regular cleaning. One in a three years time is not appropriate to order curtain cleaning Sydney services. To take proper care of your home and curtains, couch cleaning Sydney Company Pro Sofa Clean is always ready to solve your dirt and mud problem. Your curtains fabrics can contain piles of dirt invisible and hidden on the backside. However, when you hire our upholstery steam cleaning company in Sydney, no other sofa cleaning company near me can provide such a cost-effective and quality solution to clean your bay windows curtains.

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