My Dentures Broke In Half!: How to Fix Broken Dentures Fast

My Dentures Broke In Half!: How to Fix Broken Dentures Fast

According to research, over 35 million people in the US don’t have teeth, while about 120 million are missing at least one tooth. One of the orthodontic appliances that are effective in preventing the issues associated with missing teeth is dentures.

While these devices are relatively durable depending on the material used to make them, they may wear out with time. As a result, they can crack and break in half, affecting chewing, talking, and swallowing.

Here we explain what you should do if you have broken dentures. We’ll also mention the most common causes of breakage and list the precautions you can take to avoid them in the future.

I Broke My Dentures: What to Do?

Once you identify that your dentures broke in half, the first step should be removing them. By doing this, you prevent further damage and protect your gums from injuries. The next move is to inspect the devices to determine the extent of the damage.

During this process, check if there are any loose teeth and missing chips from the broken part. Then, contact your dentist or orthodontist and provide them with a clear description of the issue.

These experts will then schedule an appointment to inspect your dentures and recommend repairing or replacing them. They will also help you determine what caused the breakage so that you can avoid it and protect your investment henceforth.

Can I Repair My Broken Dentures?

During a denture emergency, one common question is whether one can repair the devices without professional help. While this process may be possible with an over-the-counter kit, it is advisable to contact specialized facilities like for expert services.

With their skills, you can determine whether repairing the devices will increase their lifespan. The specialists can also assess functionality and gauge if the dentures are the best teeth replacement option for you.

Another benefit of seeking professional help with broken dentures is oral health services. For instance, if the damaged devices misaligned the remaining teeth, the dentist will recommend a correction procedure.

More benefits of such services are:

  • Saving money in the long run
  • High-quality repair
  • Professional dental health advice
  • Faster pain relief for affected gum and mouth areas

If you are currently on vacation or working far from home, you may wonder what to do if you break your dentures. In such a case, it is advisable to reach out to your service provider for referrals. This step will allow the expert to forward all your medical records to a new specialist.

These details help them provide customized repair services and conduct any needed procedures before fixing the dentures again.

The Process of Denture Repair

Learning more about the repair process for broken dentures is ideal for understanding the process and determining what to expect. Once you take the damaged appliances to your oral healthcare specialist, they will first fix any loose or missing teeth.

After that, they will realign the broken parts using denture adhesives. The next step involves holding the separated sections together to help the glue dry and bond. The tools used in this process often differ depending on the adhesive applied and the nature of breakage.

However, in most cases, specialists use a tongue blade to create two wooden splits. Each of these parts then attaches to the occlusal part and firmly holds the dentures together.

The last steps of the repair process are applying plaster on the tissue side and trimming excess paste. The specialist will then polish and clean the fixed dentures and fit them on the gums.

Common Causes of Broken Dentures

While all dentures wear out with time, some circumstances can increase the risk of breakage. For instance, if the prosthetics don’t fit properly, they move in the mouth. As you chew food, you will apply uneven pressure on different denture parts, leading to cracking and breakage.

It’s essential to get your dental prosthetics from a certified oral healthcare provider to ensure they are the right fit. Besides that, contact a specialist once you identify that your dentures move when chewing or talking.

Other causes of denture breakage are:

  • Clasps breaking
  • Isolated teeth
  • Old age
  • Improper cleaning and storage
  • DIY repairs

Another common cause of denture splitting is dropping or banging, especially when cleaning. Despite these devices not breaking immediately after the fall, the impact weakens specific spots. After some time, these areas then contribute to chipping and breaking in half.

The best way to prevent dentures from splitting after a fall is by scheduling an appointment with your dentist. During the visit, the expert will inspect the devices with special equipment to identify cracks and dents. They may then perform repair procedures to prevent further breakage.

Replacement Options for Broken Dentures

If repairing your dentures will not restore their proper functionality, dentists may recommend replacing them. In such a case, they will present you with several options depending on factors like your oral health and budget.

One replacement option is flexible dentures made of thin thermoplastic materials. These devices provide a more comfortable fit compared to rigid acrylic models. Hence don’t move a lot within the mouth, which reduces the risk of breakage.

If you have healthy gums and jawbones, dentists can also recommend getting fixed dentures. These consist of implants fixed within the jaw to support artificial teeth. Since these devices are non-removable, they offer a more natural feel and better grip.

More teeth replacement options you can consider are:

  • Partial dentures
  • Custom dentures
  • Cantilever bridge
  • Snap-on dentures

Another teeth replacement option you may have is dental implants. Just like dentures, these involve fixing a support system into the gum and mounting the prosthetics.

However, implants can house one or several crowns depending on the number of gaps on your jaw. Hence, they are an ideal option if you have several teeth and a healthy jaw bone.

Learn More About How to Fix Broken Dentures

Educating yourself on the causes of broken dentures and how to fix them will help you protect your devices.

Besides, you can quickly determine what to do during an emergency to continue enjoying the benefits of these prosthetics. If you would like to read more posts on health and lifestyle, browse this page now for more posts.

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