Painters north shore Auckland — Common errors while painting the ceilings

Painters north shore Auckland — Common errors while painting the ceilings

Common errors while painting the ceilings

Let us accept it! No one looks immediately to the top when they enter your house. But that doesn’t mean that this space should be ignored and left unkempt. The ceiling of the house might be considered as the fifth and most unimportant wall, but don’t forget that it comprises your interior space and if this looks untidy, you can’t achieve the perfect ambience in your house. And the best way to add beauty to your ceilings is through painting. But minus the mistakes!

Ø  Don’t follow these mistakes while painting your ceilings

If you want your house to be truly perfect, don’t ignore the battered and worn-out ceiling. Beautify it to make it an active part of your home décor. But ensure you aren’t making these errors while carrying out this task:

o   Trying DIY ceiling painting — Painting the ceiling is a very tough task. And believe us, it takes hours to complete the work. So, it doesn’t matter if the YouTube videos show this task happening in minutes, don’t believe them.  And before we forget, it is not at all as easy as they show. You just cannot carry out a superb painting of the ceiling on your own if you don’t have the experience. Well, there are also chances of you getting hurt. So, no matter what happens, don’t commit this mistake of DIY ceiling painting. Call the expert painters in North Shore, Auckland from Auckland Premium Painters for the job. They have got all kinds of latest equipment required to paint the ceiling perfectly along with a very trained and expert team of experts who carry out this job for you with 100% guaranteed results.

o   Not cleaning the ceiling before painting —  Some of you commit this huge error of ignoring to clean the ceiling before painting it.  Remember, there is a lot of dust settled on your ceiling and if you are not cleaning them, these will get mixed with your paint. Not only does this impact the beauty of the place, but there might be chances of infection as well. If possible, call for professional cleaners to get this job done before you hire the painters for your ceiling beautification.

o   Skipping priming the ceiling — Again since the ceiling is such an underestimated part of your house, you don’t even think of not priming the surface before painting it. Don’t you think this requires a perfect job like your other walls as well? Well, then don’t skip this process of priming the ceiling before painting, it is actually very important.

o   Forgetting waterproofing — The ceiling is probably the first section of the house from where water seeps inside the place. So, if you are forgetting waterproofing, then this obviously is a drastic mistake. Remember, you are looking for a nice upliftment of the room and without waterproofing you are just going to get a temporary solution.

 If you are skipping these errors while painting your ceiling, we assure you that this will be one of the most captivating parts of your room that you are going to be proud of later. How about drawing attention to the ceiling with some lovely wooden beams or exquisite light fixtures?! 

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