PDFBear’s Free Conversion Tool: Powerpoint to PDF In Seconds!

PDFBear’s Free Conversion Tool: Powerpoint to PDF In Seconds!

Powerpoint presentations are made and are usually used for reports, proposals, and lectures for professors and teachers in the academy. This virtual way of presenting your ideas was attained through time evolution. Modernization brought countless ways for people to utilize technology in almost every aspect of their lives.

Did you experience a situation where you printed out an entire PowerPoint presentation so you can read it like a book? It is a real hassle on your part, but it is something that you wouldn’t have experienced if you discover the way of converting PowerPoint presentations into PDF file formats. PDFBear is the answer for these types of hassles.

PDFBear’s online conversion tool

PDFBear is a free online website that guides users on how to convert PPT to PDF real quick. It might be a little bit harder to believe but continue to read the rest of this article, and you will know everything you need to know about PDFBear’s online conversion service. The website offers an array of conversion services that are free and secured for all users and customers.

Websites that convert Powerpoint into PDF were not entirely uncommon. If anything, there are already a handful of such websites that existed even before the creation of PDFBear. However, some of these websites cannot guarantee the files’ safety being uploaded to their servers. They lack the precautionary and security features to protect their users.

Having a strong privacy security capacity is vital on an online conversion website. The modern age gives advantages and solutions to the problem that we are having in the past and certain disadvantages that can put anyone burdened with problems if not prevented or solved quickly.

PDFBear differentiates itself from these websites and is committed to protecting its customers and users with its utmost capacity. For this, the website abides by its privacy policy. It automatically deletes all files, from PDF, Powerpoint, and pictures, from all the system’s servers after an hour of inactivity from the uploader.

PDFBear’s important features

Its privacy security feature is not the only thing that makes PDFBear better than other online conversion websites. People are pretty knowledgeable, and there is nothing new about a free conversion website for them. This knowledge is harnessed from a terrible experience that free conversion websites usually charge unexplainable hidden fees.

Some people go to premium online websites hoping that the payment will be put to justice, and they will be able to convert without any hassle and hidden charges. However, this is not always the case in these paid online websites because they require monthly payments for a customer’s subscription to use the website’s fullest extent.

PDFBear will surely change your mind. Keep your hopes up again because PDFBear is equipped with dependable features and options that everyone can use without payment and any hidden costs.

First and foremost, the website is accessible in many major countries with the translations below so every user will understand the features and instructions on the website. Click on the respective language to fully understand and wait for the website to load. After this, you can now fully enjoy the perks the PDFBear gladly provides.

It is also accessible on all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux and supports famous online platforms such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The conversion process takes place entirely online, so there’s no need for additional applications or software that will consume space.

Steps that are easy to follow and understand

PDFBear won’t leave you hanging with the whole process. The website provides steps that can be easily understood and followed by anyone. The user needs to find the PPT they want to convert into PDF and drag and drop it to the conversion toolbox or click OK. PDFBear’s system will take the matter from your hands and convert it quickly.

The conversion speed will only depend on the size of the PPT that is being converted and your internet connection’s stability. Because the whole conversion process takes place online, it will undoubtedly rely on your internet connection for speed and efficiency. After the process, you can download it on your device or upload it to your Drive or Dropbox account.


PDFBear is unlike any other conversion website, which attracts offers to take advantage of the users’ data. The website deeply commits itself to the honest service it aims to give to the customers and help them achieve a hassle-free conversion process. So if ever you have some PPT needed to convert, do not hesitate to use PDFBear’s online conversion tool.

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