Omega Seamaster: All-Time Famous Luxurious Diving Watches

Omega Seamaster: All-Time Famous Luxurious Diving Watches

A person who loves to dive typically needs a watch to accompany him underwater. To check how much time he has left for his oxygen underwater. But finding a diver’s timepiece is such a hassle. Some brands promise you watches that are great for underwater, but it was just misleading ads in reality.

This one brand remains a renowned brand for divers watches—making sure that every divers watch they sell is durable and can take underwater pressure, and will surely last for decades. Let’s learn more about this brand that will never disappoint you.

The Omega Seamaster as a diving watch

The Omega Seamaster remains as one of the favorite timepieces of divers. This timepiece starts in the year 1948, and up to this date, the watch is still the oldest model in the present Omega collection. Omega watchmakers created the Omega timepiece to suit all of your adventurous lives.

This timepiece has many different varieties. Omega created them with the advanced technologies that they have ever offered. Below will be the list of types of this timepiece that you should purchase.

The Seamaster timepieces of Omega

Although the Seamaster has tons of varieties, we will still give you a heads up about the Seamaster timepieces known for their quality and durability and are the best in the market since then.

Omega Seamaster Professional Planet Ocean 

Starting in 2005; this timepiece has a Helium-escape valve and water resistance. It also features an all screw in its case back. The history of their Seamsters watches or dive timepiece grows more significant as time goes by.

To further help the divers who are using this timepiece when they are underwater, they filled the minute hand, indexes, and even the midnight dot with Super-LumiNova. While you are underwater, the hour hand, index, and seconds will glow in a blight blue color. Simultaneously, the minute hand and its midnight dot will glow green.

Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Master Co-Axial

This timepiece is one of the sporty watches with an understated style. This timepiece has the “Teak Concept” of their dials. The dials have a vertical line similar to the wooden decks seen on a luxury sailboat.

The Omega Master Co-Axial powers this timepiece. This Movement is manufactured specially to resist magnetic fields greater than fifteen thousand gausses. Lastly, You can see the Movement of this timepiece in the back case.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300m

This specific timepiece is Omega’s most popular watch. The clock is also famous because this watch was associated with James Bond. In 1995, James Bond exchanged one of his renowned brand watches with Omega timepieces. Then he wore this timepiece in 2006 in the film Casino Royale.

This watch is also famous because it features a helium escape valve, it is water-resistant, it has a screw-down crown, and the bezel is unidirectional rotating. You will even notice in it dials white skeletonized central hands and its minute hands. It also comes in a different color for its central Chronograph hands.

Omega Seamaster Bullhead

This watch started in 1969; it has a dial configuration feature and has a unique case shape. The famous Omega Seamaster Bullhead are collectible vintage timepieces. However, the new models of bullhead are also popular. The newer model of bullhead has an automatic Co-Axial Caliber 3113.

Things you need to know about Omega watches

The omega watchmakers are the only company that has ever created a watch used on the moon; Buzz Aldrin wore an Omega timepiece when he landed on the lunar surface on the 21st of July 1969. Ever since Buzz Aldrin wore this timepiece, the Omega watchmakers became the partners for adventure in space.

The Omega watches began its history way back in 1848 with the founder Louis Brandt in La-Chaux-de-Fonds. By the 1900s, the omega watchmakers were already producing about one hundred thousand watches a year. That is why it was also one of the biggest watchmakers in history.

In 1932, the Omega timepieces wrote a history of being the Los Angeles Olympic Games’ formal timekeeper. In 2009, the Omega timepieces became the only timekeeper of their games. Their watches were also associated with the actor James Bond, as he was the Omega timepieces ambassador.


Whatever occasion, you will still choose the right timepieces for you is essential. These timepieces you wear on your wrist don’t just give you the time of day, the date of the month, and symbolize you as a person.

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