Phone App to Diagnose Stroke

Phone App to Diagnose Stroke

In this modern age, experts are obsessed with creating amazing things.

In this regard, American scientists have created a machine learning app, which can tell the condition of a paralyzed patient from his voice and video.

This app is jointly developed by Pennsylvania State University and Houston Methodist Hospital.

Due to preparation of this app, the voices and videos of about 80 paralyzed patients have already been recorded and it was added to the database.

Later, the data was passed through machine learning and the algorithm was trained.

When it was tested on paralyzed patients, so this app accurately predicted the severity of the stroke with 79%,which has also been confirmed by various tests.

Experts says that this app works just like an emergency room diagnostics.

The special thing about this app is that it can indicate whether paralysis happens or not in four minutes.

According to Professor Sharon Huang, who is doing research on it that this app can be used to diagnose paralysis in an emergency.

Facial data and voice are very helpful in this regard and in this way, patients can assess their condition at home.

In that sense, the app is medically important.

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