Plantation Shutters: Redefining Window Screens

Plantation Shutters: Redefining Window Screens

Ever felt suffocating in a room and yet wanted privacy? Well, this is the case with most people. Windows help promote ventilation and natural light into buildings when kept open. But with all these advantages, privacy can be lost when the windows are open for ventilation. About 11% of the Australian population suffers from Asthma, a respiratory disease. To resolve this, shutters and screens came into existence. With shutters, privacy and ventilation go hand in hand. The plantation shutters in Sydney can be one such option to pick.

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are made of wood and resemble the blinds. When drilled, they can easily fit into the window frame. Like the blinds, these shutters have louvres that can be opened, closed or tilted to one’s choice. Initially, they were put up externally, that is, outside the windows. But now, they are easily movable and put up internally.

What makes these plantation shutters?

Various kinds of wood like basswood and poplar wood are used in making these shutters. Composite timber that is created of different wood species is preferable. It will help in making them flexible and long-lasting. Also, there are various aesthetic colour options that one can pick.

However, sometimes plastics can also be used. The most common one is Polyvinyl chloride. Shutters made of this plastic are resistant to both heat and moisture.

Certain foamed synthetics are also commonly in use for making plantation shutters. These synthetics are non-toxic. Also, they are resistant to heat, fire and moisture. One can find great colour options in these shutter types. They are cost-effective and are less pricey than the wood ones.

Perks of getting a plantation shutter

There are multiple reasons why one should go with plantation shutters in Sydney. Some of them are:

1.Happy Ventilation

Unlike traditional window screens and shutters, these plantation shutters give the best ventilation. The louvres are adjustable, and one can tilt them at any angle for the apt amount of air needed! An equal amount of air passes in and out these shutters and gives the right amount of ventilation one would need.

2.No compromise on privacy

Plantation shutters are popular because one does not have to compromise on their privacy. Tilting the louvres can help prevent anyone from peeping inside.

3.The right amount of sunlight obtained

One can get the right amount of light required with these plantation shutters. Not too bright nor too dark. Just the right amount of light can enter the room, as the slits are adjustable.

People also believe that plantation shutters can help one have an undisturbed sleep even during the daytime. For this, the louvres are closed, depreciating the light entering.

4.They are insulators

These shutters help in maintaining the temperatures inside. They help in keeping up the apt conditions for different seasons. During winters, plantation shutters keep the cold air out. Thus, they can keep homes insulated.

They are also great insulators of sound. They will reduce noise pollution and maintain serenity in one’s place.

5.Save money

Considering all these benefits a plantation shutter can offer, they help you cut off certain expenses. Thus, they are worth the buy!


Despite being exposed to adverse heat and dust, plantation shutters are resistant to all of them. Also, they are durable and crack-resistant as well.

7.Easy maintenance

There is nothing specific that one has to do to maintain these shutters. A simple wiping or brushing will do. One can also save the maintenance cost! They also add up to the elegance of windows.

Plantation shutters bring several benefits with them and, it is a wise choice to make use of them.


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