Property Management Duties and Responsibilities

Property Management Duties and Responsibilities

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, property managers can always give an advantage for you – especially the long term.

Property Managers are a team of professionals who take care of the day-to-day duties that involve your rental property. All the tasks related to managing a property will be on their plate, for you – as an investor – to focus more on your other businesses or simply spend your time relaxing.

With thousands of property management experts on board the real-estate industry, investment property owners may find it hard to choose the best fit full service property management for them. But, worry not! We will walk you through the duties and responsibilities a property manager should have for you to spot your perfect team. Let’s start!


Property managers have extensive experience taking care of different types of properties; Single Family Home, Multi-family Homes, Condominiums and more! Apart from that, they also do these:

● Tenant Screening

If your property is sitting vacant, you are not making any money out of it. Screening new tenants is difficult, and if you do not have experience you may miss some crucial information during the process. Some properties, neighbourhoods, or apartment complexes simply have a higher turnover rate than others due to a wide variety of circumstances. When you work with property managers, you won’t have to worry about making sure your space is filled. They just do everything for you.

● Property Preparation

As you are preparing to rent your property, finding the proper rent price can be a real challenge. If you list it too low, you will not get the most from your investment. If you list it too high, you will have more trouble renting it out. You need balance and that’s where your property managers come in. They have extensive experience and follow the trends to know exactly how much each property should be rented for.

● Rent Collection

This task consumes too much of anyone’s time. Imagine if you supposedly drove out for a weekend yet it’s your Tenant’s due and you need to collect rent, frustrating right? Why not leave it all up to property managers instead, and fully manage your time – yourself.

● Repair and Maintenance

Owning a property means that you are the one that must take responsibility when something is broken inside your property. However, if you’ve got a property management company backing you up, they will be the ones to handle any maintenance issues or emergencies etc. So you have nothing to worry about being disturb in the middle of the night with maintenance issues or tenant complaints. Property management works with a trusted group of maintenance contractors, and provides 24-hour maintenance service to tenants in the buildings that they manage so it’s an easy-peasy task for them.

● Manage Budget and Records

Property Managers also handle the budget and records of your property responsibly. This includes:

-Tenant rent

-Maintenance Issues

-Annual Upkeep

-Property Fees

There are different needs in every property you are owning, and property managers help you find the best way to care for each one. Examples; property history, tax information, and any other report requests you may come up with on record.


Simple, there’s no hassle at all. When partnering with a property management company, they can save you from a lot of stress and increase your revenue. Real estate is a great investment, but sometimes, its difficult demands to oversee everything can catch you up and worse lose your investment rather than gaining from it. Property management takes care of the daily ins and outs to give you the peace of mind knowing your home, apartment building, or other property is being cared for.



















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