Pros and Cons of different types of Paint Sprayers

Pros and Cons of different types of Paint Sprayers

Paint sprayers brought a revolution in the paint industry. People loved switching to a better, efficient and faster solution. The change was heavily appreciated and excepted throughout the industry. The first generation of paint sprayers i.e. the compressed air paint sprayers had some shortcomings.

These were taken care of in the next generations. But since there are always two sides of a picture, there will always be some pros and cons of the paint sprayer you want to buy. The important thing is that you should know what issues and comforts the machine will bring. Today we will go through each type of paint sprayers, list their pros and cons in order to help you in making a better decision.

1.    Compressed Air Sprayers

Benefits: Let us talk about the benefits of these sprayers first. Number one thing about these sprayers is that they are very affordable and will not cost you an arm or a leg. Their spare parts are also very cheap. Secondly, they are fast. With high pressure, these guns allow a quicker completion of your project. The operation is very easy to understand. Hence you can use these paint guns, even without a lot of experience.

Drawbacks: The issues with this type are very common and obvious ( considering this is the first type). These paint sprayers are very noisy. Since they operate on high power, they require a powerful motor which makes a lot of noise. Chances are your neighbors will not appreciate your small paint project. Another problem is that these sprayers are not high volume featured. You will need to work hard to get a beautiful final finish. The high pressure also causes half the paint, coming out of the nozzle, getting lost in the air. This results in less paint reaching the target surface. You have to apply recoats in order to get a better and complete finish. Since a lot of material is lost, the buyer always has second thoughts before buying it.

Best for: This machine works best for projects that do not contain a lot of complex surfaces. Since recoats are required more than often, open surface targets are better. For smaller DIY projects like retouching a cabinet or a door, these guns are not recommended. Also, they are not economical in the long run (since a lot of paint is used and the compressor will cost you a hefty amount if you already do not have one), but they are cheaper to rent. They work best for large-scale industrial projects where larger profits are involved (of course, with a lot of clean up required afterwards). The professionals have been using these sprayers for long now. In the commercial and industrial areas, where noise is not a big problem, these guns are highly used.

2.    High-Volume Low-Pressure Paint Sprayers:

HVLP is one of the famous paint sprayer technology nowadays and is rapidly growing. In this technology, the problem of paint wastage is taken care off. By providing maximum control over the paint quantity due to low pressure, these guns help in creating perfect finishes with the lesser mess. They provide a high-volume feature which results in better and even finishes in lesser number of recoats. They work best for the large surfaces.

Benefits: The most popular benefit of the HLVP sprayers is the amount of controlled paint it supplies. Since the controls are precise and accurate, most of the paint falls on to the target surface, providing a better-looking finish. These paint sprayers are highly recommended for projects with complex surfaces and complicated corners. They work well with all kinds of paints but with thinner liquids, they work wonders. More than 90% of the paint that leaves the nozzle, lands on to the desired surface. Hence, the paint wastage is comparatively lesser than the spillage compressed guns cause. Another surprising benefit of these guns is that they cost a lot less than the airless sprayers ( the state-of-the-art technology) while giving the best results.


The HVLP paint sprayers do not have a lot of setbacks. Exactly the reason why they are so popular in the painters’ community. Since the principle of operation for these guns is based on low pressure. It takes a lot of time to complete a large-scale project. But this drawback can be ignored since the cleanup time is not required neither do you need a lot of prep time when using this kind. Another issue is that if the non-professional guns in this type are not very friendly with heavy viscous liquids. And the industrial ones are expensive. But if you are a non-professional, you can choose to work with the thinner liquids.

Best for: These paint sprayers work best for professional as well as DIY projects. All you need to do is buying the right gun and the right paint type, that suits your project well.

3.    Airless Paint Sprayer

The best paint sprayers for DIY projects are the airless paint sprayers. Since these sprayers do not come with any kind of compressor, they do not make any noise at all. They are as quiet as paint brushes and rollers. They are also fast, providing with smooth and even finishes in no time. You just have to learn the right techniques in order to get perfect end results.

Benefits: With no mess at all and in no time, these paint sprayers work wonders for all kinds of paint projects. They often come with a reversible nozzle feature that allows the painters to reverse the clogged nozzle and continue working without breaks. Since no air is involved in throwing the paint out, no bubbling effect is seen in the final finish. It is even throughout if the right technique is applied.

Drawbacks: There are quite a few drawbacks in Airless paint sprayers. Including the fact that these machines require cleaning after every use. You cannot leave paint in these sprayers overnight, as it will coagulate everything. You also must use very steady motion with these guns, a little disorientation or pause can ruin the whole coverage by making it uneven. Moreover, these guns are not compatible with all the fluids, make sure you crosscheck the fluids you plan to use with the guns.

Best for: These guns are recommended for both DIY and professional projects. All you have to do is learning the right technique and following a proper procedure. While you are on it, check out latest Titan airless sprayer for the best possible results.

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