Purchase to pay software & solutions: How to Make Your Business Easy

Purchase to pay software & solutions: How to Make Your Business Easy

Every organization, whether non-profit or profit-oriented, must have a number of processes that must be managed. That the main activity in a company or business is operational activities. Operational activities themselves are activities carried out by all-important functions contained in the company in order to form a strategic plan that can help the company to achieve common goals. In general, a company has several processes that are interrelated with one another to produce a specific goal, including:


Several processes are needed to meet the needs of the procurement of goods to be used in producing a product or service. This series of processes usually start from a request for goods, then proceeds to the process of purchasing goods from suppliers, receiving goods, processing invoices from suppliers, and ending with payment for purchases that have been made.

The main process in Procure-to-Pay sometimes requires support from several other processes, such as the process of returning goods, the complaint process, the supplier assessment process, and so on.

Actually, Procure-to-Pay can be done automatically using procure to pay software which is currently widely used by business actors. In addition, to maximize work and also in the digital transformation of your business which is currently being campaigned by business experts. Work that is done manually often causes errors that harm the company.

One of them is the purchase of goods/services manually. Purchasing manually can increase the risk of dark purchasing. Dark purchasing is the process of procuring goods or services that occur outside the company’s official procurement process.

Therefore, this situation results in the purchase transaction process not running as expected, where you cannot control your own company’s expenses. The best solution to overcome dark purchasing is to use procure-to-pay software. This system can automate the entire process of spending that occurs in the company. By using this software, companies can reduce the time needed to manage the purchasing process that occurs, as well as prevent parties who have the potential to commit fraud in the transaction process.

The advantage of Purchase to pay software & solutions is that there is a system to manage the company’s transaction process so that it can shorten the procurement process, increase the visibility and transparency of every purchase of goods/services transaction, as well as improve company control and security.

Choose the Right Platform

Choosing the right platform can certainly make it easier for you to overcome dark purchasing. One of the best procurement software platforms today is Medius. This software is able to control procurement costs more efficiently, such as managing purchase requests from each branch using only one system.

Therefore, business people can easily monitor the entire transaction process from just one monitor screen. The advantages of this Purchase to pay software can be customized according to your company’s needs.

Therefore, Medius is the right platform for your business to avoid dark purchases. Using this system will make it easier for you to monitor the process of purchasing transactions that occur in the company. So you as a business person can focus on business development.

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