Seven things to consider while looking for sunglasses

Seven things to consider while looking for sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for both men and women nowadays. It is not only a fashion investment but also make our eyes more comfortable on the sunny day. It also protects eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. These rays can damage the eye lens, which leads to tumours and other eye diseases that can cause blindness.

Now Ophthalmologists also recommend wearing sunglasses whenever you’re in the sun for a long time. So, it is a necessity to invest in a good pair of sunglasses. When it comes to sunglasses, high cost is not always a guarantee of high quality and protection. You can search for online reviews to know about quality and overall functionality of the sunglasses. For example,  knockaround sunglasses reviews give you an honest review to help you choose the best.

In addition to reading the online reviews, below are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking for good-quality sunglasses-

Look for UV Rays Protection: UV rays protection is the most important factor you must consider while buying sunglasses. Look for UV rays protection labels while purchasing; don’t just go with the color and cost of the glasses.

UV rays absorption is increased by applying a special lens coating or adding chemicals to the lens material during manufacturing. Always purchase the sunglasses with a 100 percent UV rays protection label or “UV absorption up to 400nm” tag.

Glasses Should Block enough light: When you go sunglasses shopping, it is advisable to do a simple test. First, wear them in front of the mirror. If your eyes are visible through glasses, say a big no to them. A perfect pair of sunglasses should block out 75 percent to 90 percent visible light to save your eyes.

Check the lens quality: Always opt for a uniform tint pair, not lighter in one area and darker in another. For this, do a quality test of the lens. Hold the glasses at arm’s length and look at a straight line through them, like an edge of the door. If the straight edge curves, distorts, or moves, the quality of the lens would not be perfect. It is recommended to choose another pair.

Choose oversized glasses: Whenever you buy sunglasses, try to choose oversized or wraparound glasses. They prevent the entering of UV rays into your eyes. More the oversized glasses, less the sun rays harm to your eyes.

Also, don’t forget to check the comfort, fit, and size of the glasses as you have to wear them for a long time on your outdoor trips.

Lens colour: Lens colour does not help to block the light of the sun. But it can affect the visual contrast. Some colours such as green, grey, or brown can increase contrast which is useful for athletes and players.

Price should not be a factor: Don’t consider cost as one of the factors to purchase your sunglasses. Sometimes an economical pair of glasses gives 100 percent protection from UV rays which a costlier one cannot do. Buy those glasses which will give complete security to your eyes.

Some additional features: There are many special features other than UV protection which you will consider in your glasses. Look at these features and decide what you want in your glasses for better vision and superior protection.

Here is the list of additional features:

Mirror Coating: Mirror coating is an additional feature that protects skin near the eyes from visible rays by reducing their entry. When combining with the wraparound feature, this feature helps in a high glare environment. However, this feature does not guarantee UV rays protection.

Polarised Filter: This feature is helpful if you want to do boating, driving, or out in the snow. When sun rays bounce off smooth surfaces such as water, the polarised lens cut reflected glare. But this does not ensure UV protection.

Photochromic: In this type, the lens automatically darkens in bright light and becomes lighter in low light. It may be a good UV absorbent lens. 

The first thing you have to look at before purchasing the sunglasses is how they protect your eyes. I agree that looks are also important but not at the cost of protection. So, opt for a lens that has 100 percent protection.

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