Storage Ideas to Help You Fit More Into Your Home

Storage Ideas to Help You Fit More Into Your Home

No matter how big your house is, there can never be enough storage space. Your belongings will become a mess if not stored properly. How often do you find yourself decluttering but end up keeping everything instead? There’s no point in denying this; we’ve all been there. Ample storage is one of the most important but often overlooked elements of a decent house. We prioritize many things when purchasing a house. Is it west open? Are there enough windows? Is the neighborhood safe? Does it have a pool? But the storage options are never given enough attention until the damage is done and we start unpacking.

As time is progressing, real estate is getting more costly. Consequently, buyers are settling for smaller spaces to reduce costs. Smaller spaces are already tight on the storage areas. Some may not even have a designated storage room, although it has been a huge demand for a long time. Thankfully, people are now spending more time and effort on storage solutions. There are countless creative ways to store your belongings in congested spaces. One of the ways is to secure your belongings in a storage unit which you can easily find online according to your location. For example, if you need storage in Sparks, Nevada, then simply look for storage units sparks NV online, and you’ll find your answer. That being said, here are a few easy storage ideas to help you fit more into your home.

  • Bed With Built-In Drawers

There’s no denying that the bed takes up most of the bedroom space. Use the same space to fit in more items that aren’t for everyday use. These items may include seasonal apparel, formal shoes, or basically anything that you don’t want to see outside storage. People often shove things under their beds to hide them, which can result in a mess. With these drawers, you can do it in an organized manner.

  • Put Those Walls To Work

Walls are often the most under-burdened areas of the house. They can do way more than just carry the TV and picture frames. Hang storage racks on kitchen walls for additional pantry space. Invest more efforts in DIY wall shelves for the living room. Hanging racks have been trending for a long time now; they save nearly 20% of the space you use to store various items.

  • Don’t Forget The Door

People rarely check to see what’s behind the door; use this space wisely. Use the bathroom door to hang a laundry bag over there. It will serve just the right purpose since laundry baskets take up a lot of space. Moreover, you can install hooks and use the living room door to hang coats. The kitchen door can house additional pantry racks. Each door can serve a purpose beyond just letting people in and out.

  • Build DIY Staircase Book Shelves

The thing with shelves is that they’re either built up on the walls or just sitting on the floors covering them. In either case, half the space is going unused. So, you can build a book storage space under the staircase, extending up to the ceiling. This way, the wall from top to bottom can be used to house all your books. If you don’t want to use that storage for books, store something else in there. Some extra storage space doesn’t hurt anybody.

  • Invest In Multi-layer Pant Hangers

Your wardrobe is always overfilled because you just can’t let go of your clothes too soon, even if it’s been years since you’ve been using them. In this case, you’ll need to get smart with how you use your wardrobe storage. For example, you can purchase multi-layer pant hangers to hang several pants on a single hanger. It’ll save you a great deal of space; plus, your favorite pants are less likely to get lost if they’re all in the same place. Another way of hanging pants is by using S hooks. They also take up significantly lesser space than regular hangers.

  • Storage Ottoman

The ottoman is probably the most versatile piece of furniture in existence. We use it for sitting, resting our feet, and adding an aesthetic appeal to any room. Well, you can slightly extend the ottoman’s job description. You can go for a customized ottoman to have storage space. It can house items in the living room that aren’t in frequent use but can be of use from time to time like formal rugs, cushions, table covers, precious antiques, décor pieces, table throws, old magazines, photo albums, books, etc.

  • Baskets Are Your Best Friends

Use small baskets in your living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, garage, and pretty much anywhere in your house. You can use them to store toiletries, pantry items, magazines and newspapers, toys, bed sheets, blankets, towels, rugs, yoga mats, tools, etc. What’s more is that baskets don’t have to be for storage only; they can also add a homey feeling to the room.

  • Consider A Trash Can Shed

Trashcans are the most prominently unappealing feature of your home. Your house can appear untidy if the trashcan is sitting out there exposed even after you just cleaned it. Most people don’t contemplate ways of hiding the trashcan in their entire life. Trashcans need to be concealed to avoid diverting someone’s attention towards them. Build a trashcan shed outside your house to put your trash away. For in-door trashcans, hide them inside cabinets or under the kitchen sink.

Smaller spaces have always been troublesome due to the lack of storage space. With the new and innovative storage ideas now surfacing, smaller spaces are not such a problem anymore. The key is to be smart. Most of the above-listed ideas can be a DIY project too! These storage ideas aren’t just creative but pocket-friendly as well. So, next time when you have a meltdown because you just can’t find a place to store that new pair of shoes you just bought, take a look around the house and see if you can apply the above-mentioned ideas anywhere.

  • Farmhouse accent cabinet

The farmhouse accent cabinet effortlessly combines both aesthetic beauty and practical functionality, making it an excellent addition to various spaces in your home such as the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. It not only enhances the overall decor but also serves as a convenient storage solution.

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