Swimming Pool Tiles To Design Your Pool

Swimming Pool Tiles To Design Your Pool

If you’re a pool baby, then you must fulfil the most amazing dream of adding swimming pool tiles to your own beautiful pool. This looks fascinating, especially during the summer season. Imagine lounging in your own swimming pool with beautiful swimming pool tiles, a glass of iced tea right under the morning sunshine. What could be better?

Given below are some new pool tile idea and designs that will make your pool look and feel great with the new designs and freshen up your area –

  • Iridescent Mosaics – These are classic pool tiles for a specific reason. There are sunshine and water that reflects in a mesmerizing way off these iridescent mosaics while creating a colourful and sparkling pool for you to have fun and enjoy. These incredible glass mosaic tiles are also naturally resistant and a perfect option for the outdoor tile options in the poolside and pool. These can be as simple or complex as the multiple colours, designs, and shapes. Plus, they look luxurious and feel comfortable with the reflections, shine, and a wide array of styles and colours.
  • A Mediterranian Paradise – These pools and styles go together like porcelain tiles and bathrooms, just like peanut butter and jelly. With the avid, bright, and fresh range of colors like blue, yellow, orange, red, white, etc combined with terra cotta accents, rustic wood, painted tiles, and Mediterranean design elements, all of which go perfectly with the outdoor pool area. You can also throw in a few copper accents, lemon trees, and a fountain to feel like you’re on a vacation at the Grecian islands.
  • Stone-Look Pool Tiles – The natural stone tiles are the ones that create a seamless and natural look in your outdoor space. It’s one of the best things to keep your natural stone tiles far away from the pool or keep it on the pool deck or patio instead of in the pool. Natural coloured stone tiles can easily absorb water due to their porous surface. It’s also very easy to seal the stones with the sealant to protect them from water damage and scratches. Porcelain tiles usually come in a variety of styles stimulating a variety of different natural stones and give them a look of marble. It will also give you the water resistance that comes aesthetically along with the natural stone appearance.
  • Simple Solids – There’s not a single thing wrong with keeping your pool simple. You can go for the simple solid designs that work amazing for the modern aesthetic styles. From solid blues to dark navy to various iridescent and light blue colours that are very common for the swimming pools and align very well with water. With the reflection of blue, it gets better with safety and helps you understand the depth of the water, giving you an understanding of sidewalls. White is usually the most common choice with a variety of colours grouting to add a little between texture and depth.

If you really want to think unique, you must check out the black-tiled swimming pool tiles for an innovative touch. However, black is not recommended for safety reasons.

Happy Swimming!



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