Insider Tips On How To Set Your Apple Watch For Remote Working

Insider Tips On How To Set Your Apple Watch For Remote Working

It’s been more than a year of a pandemic, but the trend of remote working is still stuck to our guns. Though some people are comfortable with it, all-in-all it can be challenging for both employees and employers. That’s where innovative pieces of technology like the Apple Watch enter into play. Equipped with out-of-the-box features, the timepiece, when coordinated with Apple Watch classic buckle, can be most helpful for people working from home.

Sounds like a phenomenal idea? Let’s explore how we can make our work time a little easy-breezy using iWatch.

●    Siri + Reminders – Let’s Stay On The Track

“Hey Siri, set a timer of 30 minutes”, a little one to one conversation with A.I.-powered voice assistant can be the reason for your utmost focus towards work.

Work from home can be hectic, especially when there are a lot of tasks on the plate. In such a rush, one often forgets to meet specific deadlines for a particular project. It is why setting alarms and timer with Siri is a good idea as it helps to stay on the track and motivates to work productively.

Pro Tip: Make sure to cherry-pick Apple Watch leather strap to compliment your timepiece. The reason being, it provides substantial comfort and breathability, no matter for how long you wear your iWatch at work.

●    Stand Reminders – A Short Break in Between is Must

Many people hold in disfavour of remote working as it is all sedentary, thus leading to certain impacts on health. Nevertheless, since we have no option but to go with the flow, finding a strategic solution is the only key. You can set a Stand Reminder that will encourage you to take a short break after you have been sitting for long.

To set such a reminder on your device blended with classic buckle Apple Watch band, open Apple Watch app on iPhone > Choose ‘Activity’ > Swipe on to ‘Stand Reminders’.

●    Set A Suitable Watch Face – Get What You Want in First Glance

Work from home becomes quite simpler and convenient when we can access important information and data on our fingertips. Isn’t it? Surprisingly, you can make this possible by changing the watch face on your Apple Watch accordingly.

Suppose you need a shortcut to email or want to access the calendar for your next business meeting, all you need is to browse Apple Watch faces’ selection and apply the one that best matches your business routine.

●    Breathe Feature – Have A Peace Of Mind For Self Good

When excess work pushes you to the limit at home, an Apple Watch can be your supporting friend. That’s spot on. The Breathe app in iWatch can remind you to take proper breathing for one to ten times a day. What’s more fantastic is that you can even start a breathing session anytime of the day by tapping on the Breathing app. Not only this helps to keep stress at bay but also provides you a peaceful state of mind during work.

You can also put into use several meditation apps such as Headspace, Omvana, and others on your timepiece in combination with Apple Watch Leather classic buckle.

Ready To Dump WFH Stress Now?

There is no denying the fact that remote working can sometimes be a mental suffering. After all, there is no chance left to socialize in a day. But as they say, ‘There is always a solution to a problem’, you can consider the Apple Watch as your aid. Changing the settings precisely as said above can help you make the best use of your device coordinated with Apple Watch classic buckle. Thus, say goodbye to your WFH stress and let your boss say ‘WOW’ for your dedication.

Have a happy working day at home 🙂


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