The Differences Between Smoking and Eating Cannabis

The Differences Between Smoking and Eating Cannabis

While recreational use of cannabis is still somewhat of a controversial topic, recreation is no longer its only function. In recent years, cannabis has garnered more attention with its versatility in providing mental and physical health benefits.

The saying: “Should cannabis be legal?” is now yesterday’s news, with the substance gaining more acceptance across North America. What people are talking about these days is, “how should I consume cannabis?”

There are many options to how you can consume cannabis, from traditionally smoking it to edible options for non-smokers. Some alternatives have varying CBD and THC levels that depend on your preference.


Understanding CBD and THC

CBD is cannabidiol, the second most present compound in cannabis, serving as a popular natural remedy for many ailments. Meanwhile, THC is tetrahydrocannabinol. It’s the psychoactive compound in cannabis responsible for the chemical release of dopamine.


In simpler terms, if you are after the health benefits, you want to go for a higher CBD ratio. Higher THC levels are the way to go if you want something for recreational use. Of course, there is more to these two compounds than the superficial medical and recreational differences in in-depth studies.

As for ingestion methods of cannabis, two ways stick out as the most popular among the others, smoking and edibles.



Smoking the plant is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of consuming cannabis. It is the bread-and-butter method most recognizable to cannabis enthusiasts from the beginning until now. However, due to recent studies concerning health issues, many have slowly transitioned to other methods.


  • Effects are almost instantaneous
  • Anyone can use it properly
  • Dosage does not need to be precise to be effective
  • Effects last about two to three hours


  • Even if it is better than smoking tobacco, the smoke of any kind is still harmful to your mouth, throat, and lungs
  • Loss of beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids due to heat and smoke
  • Nearly impossible to measure dosage precisely
  • The effects’ longevity can be inconsistent
  • The pungent odor makes it almost impossible to consume discreetly
  • Could be dangerous for people who are immunocompromised or have breathing issues


Through the years, the more health-conscious spectrum of cannabis enthusiasts has switched from smoking marijuana to eating it. In the early days of cannabis edibles, you must bake them yourself and follow a specific process. Now it is considerably more accessible since you can buy edibles online as if you were ordering something on Amazon.


  • Incredibly versatile for infusing in other dishes because they come in oil and butter forms
  • Intense, long-lasting effects that help with chronic pain and insomnia
  • Can be consumed discreetly without the same problems as smoking
  • Keep your lungs healthy
  • Quality products can be micro-dosed
  • High doses can stay effective for twelve to twenty-four hours


  • Effects take a while to kick in
  • You can easily take too much, resulting in an uncomfortable experience
  • Edibles are potent and might require first-timers to develop their tolerance first

Whether you prefer smoking or edibles, it ultimately boils down to what floats your boat when consuming cannabis. With this post, you should be able to decide what works best for you.

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