The Do’s and Don’ts While in a Halfway House

The Do’s and Don’ts While in a Halfway House

Many people find it quite difficult to be in a safe and supportive environment when they are struggling to leave the stranglehold of addiction behind. This time is when they are at their most vulnerable and when they need help the most.

Staying at a halfway house

If you are facing the same situation and thinking of halfway houses, do know that this is one of the most important decisions of your life.

These houses are the best place to be when sober living is the main goal of your life.

You can search for ‘halfway house near me’ or ‘sober living homes’ in your vicinity so that you are able to move into it and stay among people in the same situation as you. Their support will encourage you to get your life back on track.

As most of you know, here in the US we have been going through an opioid epidemic for the last few years. Sadly, instead of improving, the epidemic has slowly been getting worse and the drugs even stronger. One of the most worrying drugs that are being abused nowadays is called Fentanyl. Fentanyl abuse has become extremely common, even among people who don’t even know they are using Fentanyl. These people don’t know they are using this drug because it is being used to cut other more expensive substances because of its low cost and potent effect. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction like this, consider going to a halfway house.

What is life like in halfway houses near me

These houses are havens for those who truly mean to leave addiction behind. Each house has a set of dos and don’ts which help maintain peace and order, while also helping all residents understand what is expected from them while in residence.

Here are the dos:

  • Attend meetings: All residents are expected to attend AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) or NA (Narcotics Anonymous) meetings, whether they are held in the house itself or nearby. This helps them to forge connections with the others who may have even years of sobriety behind them.
  • Help out with chores: In any house, there are tasks to be done. You too shall be handed a list of chores you will be responsible for while in residence. There is a dual purpose behind this – it will help you feel like a part of the family as you will be taking care of household work and it will also instil the sense of responsibility in you, which will prepare you for the outside world.
  • Get work: You shall be encouraged to actively seek gainful employment. This is because you will ultimately be responsible for yourself once you leave the house and getting a job will help you to become financially independent.

And, here are the don’ts:

  • No going back: While a house will be fully supportive of your journey to deaddiction, even a single lapse on your part may subject you to eviction. You are to abstain from your choice of poison at all times and must open yourself to random drug tests.
  • Stick to the curfew: Every house has a curfew all residents must adhere to. This helps them to be accountable and responsible. You must not break this curfew as it will truly lead you towards effective time management. You will also learn important life skills.
  • Zero violence: Quarrelling and fighting are taboo in this house. To ensure a supportive atmosphere, the house encourages residents to behave nicely with each other. And remember, if you see someone imbibing, you must inform the authorities so that you are able to help that person stay away from the danger of relapse.

Following these rules will ensure that you are back to a normal, addiction-free life within a very short while.

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