The genuine trade crypto with leverage

The genuine trade crypto with leverage

Trade crypto with leverage is essential when you choose the cryptocurrency exchange in BTCC. They have introduced the easy and safe online leverage as well as trading of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. They have also availed an easy trading guide for the high usage of their esteemed clients.

Trade crypto with leverage in BTCC and get an unbelievable trade rebate

BTCC besides rendering prospective trade crypto with leverage even integrates an irresistible weekly trading rebate where an elite member of theirs will get a chance to win 500 USDT every week. However, their latest campaign period started on 6th June 2022 and will end on 3rd July 2022. This campaign is for four weeks. 

Their valued member can participate in trade crypto with leverage and subsequently in their weekly trading rebate by making a cumulative net deposit of 200 USDT during a week. In addition, a user will also get a ten percent rebate on his or her transaction fees the following week. Herein, the minimum amount of rebate is 500 USDT per week. So, during the whole period of the campaign. A user can get a rebate of as high as 2000 USDT in total.

In the weekly trading rebate, the points that are to be noted by a user are that only USDT deposits, purchases, and conversions are counted in the cumulative net deposit. Subsequently, USDT withdrawals and conversion of USDT to the other cryptocurrencies are regarded as withdrawals, and the amount will be reduced from the net deposit of a user.

The settlement time is 4 pm every Sunday and the rebates will come into the account of a user. In two working days after the successful settlement. In an event of a holiday, it will be postponed further. Last but not least the USDT rebates are not only tradable. But also withdrawable and will be automatically issued to the member’s account. Thus, the trade crypto with leverage can be more exciting if it is clubbed with weekly trading rebates of BTCC.

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How to safely carry out trade crypto with leverage in BTCC

The most secured option for conducting trade crypto with leverage is to become a member of BTCC by the adoption of their online registration process which is very quick and easy. A member of theirs can carry out the safest trading of crypto. And futures and even can keep themselves updated with the latest news and events. 

In addition to a shielding trade crypto with leverage, BTCC also renders vital support to its members. This is through their online customer service which is accessible instantly and there is a live chat service. They will assure to respond to each question of their esteemed member pertained to accounts. Deposits, trades, latest campaigns, and others. The other exclusive option to contact them is through 

Here, for optimal benefits, trade crypto with leverage can be clubbed with the varied fruitful futures of BTCC like perpetual futures, weekly futures, and daily futures as well. In fine, don’t miss to access, anytime, anywhere, and reap many advantages.  



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