The Sophistication of Diamond Floating Rings

The Sophistication of Diamond Floating Rings

Diamond rings are of different shapes and settings. The most familiar ones in the market are the bezel setting and the prong setting. These traditional designs remind its wearers of the enduring beauty of diamond jewellery. Quite recently, however, a new setting has become popular for individuals who want a more minimal appeal. The simple yet elegant diamond floating ring is perfect for contemporary settings and modern wardrobes. 


What is a floating diamond setting?

As the name suggests, a floating diamond setting refers to a design wherein a diamond appears to float in the air. Of course, diamonds do not float but look like they do because only two sides are held by metal. Traditional settings hold diamonds by prongs, bezels, or claws, and these hide more parts of the diamond than highlight them. The floating setting, on the other hand, creates an illusion of elevating the diamond. More light enters the diamond, highlighting more of its beautiful form. 

It was initially difficult for jewellery makers to create this setting. They had to find a strong metal to firmly hold the diamond in only a few areas. The metal had to be tempered enough to cling to the diamond properly but not forcefully damaging it. 

Recent technological developments in the jewellery industry made several floating diamond setting types possible. The tension setting makes sleek ring designs by holding stones in place by the metal’s tension or high pressure from two sides. There is also the open bezel setting, where it creates an illusion that the diamond is suspended with an open base. Open bezel designs may have thicker bands due to the mechanical strength required in securing the stones. Bar settings make use of a bar-shaped metal to symmetrically hold diamonds in place. Lastly, floating arches is a set design that holds the diamond in a bridge-like basket and raises it from the band. The true and unadorned beauty of the diamond shines with these contemporary floating settings.  


Floating diamond rings go with any clothing style.

More women are choosing simple designs in their jewellery. Some have equally minimalist wardrobes, so they want jewellery that matches their overall chic yet effortless style. The design of a diamond floating ring best complements this kind of style. Women who dress with the trends or those who enjoy varied selections of clothes also prefer floating diamond rings. The simplicity of the ring balances their elaborate mix-and-match of clothes. In any kind of style, floating rings make an elegant staple.


Floating diamond as engagement rings

As the adage goes, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. While floating diamond rings lack complicated adornments, their specific setting emphasises the true beauty of the diamond. The diamond in itself represents a valuable statement. That’s why this ring design is perfect for special occasions. More and more couples choose contemporary ring designs for engagements or as promise rings.


Taking care of floating diamond rings

Just like any jewelry, floating rings should be cared for properly. Floating settings emphasize the diamond’s beauty, and this open nature increases its exposure to other elements. Wearers should take it off during some daily activities like exercising or washing the dishes. They should lay it out flat before going to bed to avoid potentially damaging them in their sleep. When cleaning the diamond ring, gently scrub with dish soap using a soft toothbrush. 

Hence this article fulfills in letting you know everything about diamond float rings, which can help you in the future if not now.

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