Things to consider when buying a gold chain for women

Things to consider when buying a gold chain for women

Buying a gold chain for women is not the same as buying a pet collar. Naturally, there are many things to consider before you pick or choose a gold chain. Whether it’s gonna be a hollow, plated, or a solid gold chain. How often do you plan to wear it? Do you plan on suspending a locket on the chain, and a lot more to think about. However do not fret, cause we shall examine the most important aspects required when buying a gold chain. 

1] Whether the gold chain for women is plated, hollow, or solid

Hollow chains are less expensive and are relatively cheaper however they are fragile and are easy to break or dent. If it does break or dent then having them repaired is nearly impossible. Of Course, it’s recommended that you wear the chain occasionally and avoid wearing them daily. 

It’s best if you avoid wearing gold-plated chains since the shine and plating may wear off eventually, making the chain lose its appeal by having the metal underneath being exposed. It’s best if the gold plated chains are worn only on occasions for more efficacy. 

Solid gold chains are an ideal option as these chains are far more durable and require less maintenance compared to plated and hollow. 

2] Choosing on the purity of gold chain for women

This is an extremely crucial aspect that needs to be considered with enough thought when buying a gold chain for a women. The higher the purity of gold, more prone it is to dents since pure gold is malleable. 

So if you plan to wear the gold chain daily, then it’s recommended that you buy a gold chain for women of 22K or less since 24K is more prone to scratches and dents. 20K and 22K gold chains can be worn on a recurrent basis. However, those who are allergic to nickel must avoid gold chains with low purity of gold. 

3] Types of gold chain designs for women

Before you buy a gold chain for women, keep in mind what the purpose is. Some chain types are favourable for a pendant while others are suitable for daily wear. Knowing the purpose of buying the chain will help you decide what works best. 

Here are most of the fancy gold chain types which has been favoured by the woman


The Curb chain appears to be flat when laid on the ground. This gold chain for women appeals differently when the width of the gold chain is changed. 


Figaro chain originates from Italy and has a unique appeal when worn. The link patterns are generally 2 to 3 short links followed by a long link. This gold chain for women are quite famous and a notable pick for choosing a gold chain for women.

Box chain:

These types of gold chain for women are more suitable for suspending a pendant on them. Also, the box-type chain is easier to raper too. If an instance occurs where the chain breaks, the broken chain can be reattached. These types of chains are extremely popular among most women.

Cable chain:

Old is gold, well in this case it’s not the chain that’s only gold but also the design. This gold chain for women is simple yet elegant and has identical links in it. It’s very much similar to how an iron chain looks but a miniature version of gold.

Rope chain:

The rope chain is designed to look exactly like a rope. However, its beauty and design are made to elicit the pendant’s aesthetic appeal. Most gold chains for women are ideally a rope chain.

There are many more gold chain designs to choose from however these are some of the most popular ones. If you ever wish to pick a gold chain for women then Candere has one of the biggest online collections of gold chains for you to choose and pick from. You are bound to come across some fascinating designs and if you don’t then you can always customize your own. 

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