Things to Do in Manali

Things to Do in Manali

Manali is a splendid mountain resort on the banks of the River Beas with a beautiful view on the snowy mountains, numerous pine woods, and an overall sense of quiet beauty. Manali is a tourist magnet that attracts people all year round. Those come to relax and have fun, and they can enjoy the snow and the cold nip in the air in the winter. Manali sightseeing is available for those who come here in summer, as are several cascades and Gompas.

Sightseeing Kullu Manali is not confined to couples looking for a romantic holiday. While such visitors are always in high numbers, it is not unusual for young people who have come to Manali to enjoy a related adventure and thrill. The best sports in Manali include outdoor activities such as river rafting, trekking, mountain biking and a host of other activities. Here’s a little more about Manali’s best things to do.

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Best Time to Visit Manali

Only every season a mountain station like Manali is gorgeous so it is no wonder that people are here all year round. However, every season has a few benefits and you can make your holiday even more exciting if you travel to Manali during those months. However, some people could not really feel that Manali is a good time because all the seasons are spectacular.

However, it is a good idea to prepare yourself especially for the best season to go to Manali because you can pack accordingly. You must make sure you carry the right kind of things, whether you are clothing or footwear. Even if you’re a type of pack, you have to come to Manali as the weather is good for your journey. Here’s the best time to visit Kullu Manali in the season.

Summer In Manali

Manali’s summer starts in March and ends in June. If you enjoy pleasant weather and wish to take part in summer adventure activities like paragliding, it is probably the best time to visit Kullu Manali. The time for mountain sports, as well as rafting, is also Summer. The temperatures are very comfortable and comfortable, even if it is quite cold at night. Snow can still be seen at very high altitudes. So, pack light clothing and some woolen clothes accordingly if you feel cold fast.

Tourists often make use of Manali as the starting point for their trip to Leh during summer. Many biking and offshore jeep travels start in Manali and travellers are never stopped by the thrill of the surroundings. Bikers travelling to Leh regard this as a ritual passing through Manali.

Monsoon In Manali

Beas River is also ideal for rafting in summer. This is an exciting experience with rafts that wander past the splashing, freshwater and remember the rest of your life. Zorbing, horse rides and quad biking are other adventure activities people like to enjoy throughout the summer. It can be crowded and if you are a person who prefers solitude you might feel that this is no longer the best time to go to Manali with a lot of tourists coming together in Manali during the summer.

From July to mid-September Manali experiences his mousson. Many travellers feel that this is not the best time to visit Manali resorts because there are limited numbers of activities. However, during the mountains, there is an entirely different feeling. Everything appears to be banging with vitality and life as mountain greenery becomes even luxuriant and greener. Waterfalls appear alive with the water’s rush and even if there’s no rain, the neck sprays softly on your face and refreshes your feelings.

During the mountains, the weather is between 10 and 17 degrees and it will get chilly soon if you are not familiar with the cold weather. However, during the monsoons also the mountains pose a grave danger. With heavy rainfall, landslides are always likely to be quite dangerous for road traffic. Also, you can’t do many adventure activities during the monsoons, so it is not really the best time to visit Kullu Manali.

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