Thinking of Starting Your Thriving Online Selling Business? Logistics is One Hotkey

Thinking of Starting Your Thriving Online Selling Business? Logistics is One Hotkey

The COVID-19 pandemic, however destructive it may seem to the world, has opened limitless opportunities in the field of e-commerce. E-commerce is a booming industry in the world, and Australia is the 10th largest e-commerce market in the world by revenue. Online shopping is popular in major cities like Sydney, making it a profitable business venture, especially if you have well-planned logistics.

The efficient movement of goods dictates a successful e-commerce business—from the moment the customer placed the order online up to the time it is delivered to the customer. Items must be in the best condition, of course, while beating the shortest waiting time possible. It also includes an efficient inventory system, stocks management system, and after-sales logistics if something goes wrong with the initial product delivered to the customer. A systematic approach to these processes will result in excellent customer service that could dramatically influence your sales.

But how do we do this? Read on and see where you are in the making of your successful online selling business.

#1. Stocks. Where are your goods coming from? Are they coming from a reputable supplier? How is the accessibility of your supplier? Are you importing goods? How much do you know about customs, freight forwarder, and transportation providers? These questions are just some of the most basic questions to consider when planning an online selling business. It is good to consider a freight service provider that could do all the work for you – from customs clearance, appropriate selection of sea or air freight forwarder based on your financial capacity, transport and warehouse solutions; Sydney Freight Services can assist you on this matter.

#2 Inventory. How do you intend to manage your inventory? Having stock management that works entails great organisational and innovative skills. It is okay to start through a simple Excel file if you are starting small, but as your business grows, products to keep on track also grows, therefore emphasising the need to use an automated stock or inventory management system. Please do not rely on a pen and paper in doing your inventory because they are prone to inaccuracies that will negatively affect your overall operations.

#3 Transportation and Logistics Coordination. Once your stocks reach your country, how long are you going to wait for the products? Where will they be kept? While your products are still on freight, what is the assurance that they will not get damaged? How will the orders of the customers be shipped? How long are they going to wait? If you have answers to these questions loud and clear, then you are ready to take off your business. Remember that selecting the transportation and warehouse partner and the local courier must be built on trust and integrity. Logistics is the backbone of your business and will dictate the overall experience of your customers.

#4 After-sales Logistics. Online selling is bitter-sweet; no matter how careful you are in delivering each operation phase, some problems are still unavoidable. Make sure to ask yourself these questions. How would you manage product-related complaints? If a customer wants to return an order, how would you like to do it? How can the customer return the item? If the item has been returned, how would you know it? What happens next? As much as you try hard enough to prevent problems, it would help if you were also were prepared for them. Sydney Freight Services can also arrange returns and replacement for the convenience of the customers. Again, you may start small with a simple Excel file, but as your venture grows, you should also consider incorporating after-sales management in your overall customer management system

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