Top Nail Colors We Will See Trending in 2021

Top Nail Colors We Will See Trending in 2021

Often, the start of the year serves as an opportunity for individuals to add to their beauty regimen. One of the easiest areas to start with is the nails. However, it is always necessary to determine what colors and designs are likely to trend in the new year from experts.

As a result, we have carried out thorough research on the top nail colors that will trend in 2021 to help you make the right decision when making additions or modifications to your manicure routine. If you are looking for where to get these colors, you should consider a beauty garage that offers nail supply at wholesale rates in Singapore.

Glossy Fuchsia

This manicure blooms with glamour and exotic allure. It gives catchy color, reminds you of a pretty corsage of orchids, and introduces a flash of hothouse flair to your fall.

Even more, it is a vibrant color that livens your nails and elevates your mood each time you look at it. It is suitable for almond or coffin-shaped nails and has a glossy finish. Without a doubt, its fuchsia shade is going to trend as an autumn classic.

Light Grey

This is a washed-out grey and frosty nail color that will trend in 2021. It has a matte finish that gives it a silver-like look making it stand out. Although this color is often understated, it is ideal for weddings, parties, or business meetings.

This color is feminine when used on an almond design nail with finely squared tips. You can match this color with black tailoring to give it a sense form of a class of drama. Also, you can pair it with white to give your nails a timeless appeal.

Deep Reds

Experts have predicted that 2021 will be a year of red. However, it is not going to be all shades of reds rather the Bordeaux and burgundies. This shade of red will be ideal for all events and will leave your nails looking classy.

Updated French

This French manicure is not new as it has been in existence for a couple of years. However, it is coming with some innovation this year which is pairing with other colors.

When this color is paired with burgundy and other colors, it will give a classy look making it one of the trendy colors of 2021.

Milky Nudes

Whether or not you love nudes, it has a clean and elegant look. This color is beautiful and will be ideal for use as a base for any nail art trend in the year.

Experts have also predicted that the milky Nudes color nails will trend in 2021 as people will always be on the lookout for clean, simple, and classic nail arts.


This is one nail color that always stands out almost yearly. However, in 2021 the brunette shade of brown is likely to trend. Notwithstanding, other shades like the almost-beige and lighter p es are also expected to trend this year.

Blueish Gray

This is another color on the blue spectrum you should be on the lookout for. Its grayish addition gives it a balance between a laid-back and pop look. Even more, this color is suitable for those looking to draw some attention with their nails in 2021.

Shades of Green

Although greens have been gaining attention since 2020, experts have predicted that this trend will continue in 2021. whether it is grinch greens or baby Yoda greens, or other shade of greens, this color is going to trend. If you want to have a playful or a more casual look, the lighter shades of green will be just perfect for you.

Mustard Yellow

If you are looking for a color that will give life to your appearance any time of the year, you should consider yellow. The mustard shade of yellow has a shiny gloss coating and matte finish that makes it a trendy color loved by many.

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