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Tips on Buying Mosque Carpet

Mosque carpet is a floor covering which has to be laid in a mosque. It is available in different colors. With multiple color choices like red, burgundy, light blue, gray, brick, etc. the carpeting can be selected according to the color of the walls and other decorative items present in the room.

Mosque carpeting is made of durable wool pile intermingled with cotton and silk combination and last for many years. These carpets are of high quality and come in multiple colors and shades. You can choose the one which goes well with the interiors and furniture at the mosque.

When you are looking for Ramadan carpets for the mosque in Dubai then should go to carpet Dubai which provides the best quality of carpets. Carpets are used in mosques because of their high quality and elegant appearance. Traditionally, they are made from wool, but they are also found in a variety of different materials.

Mosque Carpets Made From Different Materials

The primary reason is that these carpets have excellent insulation properties. Wool is the densest of the fibers that are considered to make carpeting. Round-shaped mosque carpets are the most famous model, and they are made from wool or a similar fiber. Round-shaped carpets have a lot of empty space in the middle so that people can easily move around without bumping into each other.

Wool has high-quality absorption properties, which means that when someone walks on it, they feel less heated. Wool is also highly resistant to dirt, but the round-shaped models are not as resistant. Mosque carpets made from heavy yarns, such as jute, are better insulators. Jute is the main fiber used in the construction of carpets. Jute threads have a high density that makes them good absorbent; they also resist bacteria.

Another reason to purchase a mosque carpet is that it can increase the beauty of the rooms in your house. People will notice your houses more if you have attractive carpeting. Heavy, dark-colored carpets can make a room look gloomy. However, bright, high-quality carpets can brighten up the rooms.

Different Types Of Mosque Carpets

Axminster Carpet:

The most common carpets used in mosques are the Axminster carpet, the durum carpet, the ceramic carpet, and the Anarkali carpet. The Axminster carpet is one of the popular carpets used at most mosques. It is made from a wool pile intermingled with linen and silk mixture. This rug is available in different designs and shades. On the other hand, the durum carpet is made from a wool pile intermingled with polypropylene.

 Burlap Carpet: 

The burlap carpet is another popular type of carpet. They are produced using the pulverized man-made-made product of burlap. These carpets are available in different color shades. One of the latest innovations in these carpets is the interlocking carpets that can easily be joined together. The durum carpet is made from high-quality rayon and is resistant to all kinds of stains. It is one of the most demanded products of Turkish carpets.

 Ceramic Carpet:

The ceramic carpet is a type of textile which is highly admired for its luxurious look and feel. It is made up of polypropylene rayon and has high resistance to moisture, heat, dust, and sunlight. This carpet is used in almost all the prayer rooms of the mosques. The burlap rug and the ceramic carpet are the two most popular mosque carpets. You will also come across carpet tiles which have heavy and fine lines printed on them.


You can buy Ramadan carpets In Dubai online,  from the Carpet Dubai shop. They offer you the chance to see the different colors that are available to buy. They provide the best quality of carpets in Dubai. Before buying, it is important to remember to take measurements of your home, and the room that you plan to install your carpet in. 

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