Tissot: The Luxury Watch Brand That Is Worth the Investment

Tissot: The Luxury Watch Brand That Is Worth the Investment

Tissot, the revolutionary watch brand founded in the mid-nineteenth century, has a worldwide footprint unsurpassed by any other Swiss watchmaker, as it is available in 160 countries. Since its founding in 1853, the company has maintained its headquarters in the Swiss Jura Mountains town of Le Locle, making clear that it is part of Switzerland.

Tissot watches come in a variety of technological configurations, including models with both automatic and quartz movements, as well as models powered by solar cells. Tissot’s line now has several product categories, including sports watches, smartwatches, dress watches, and so on.

Tissot Watches Have a Long History

Tissot is a Swiss watchmaker which is a part of the Swatch Group and is based in Le Locle, Neuchatel. On July 1st, 1853, the Tissot family (particularly Charles-Félicien Tissot, who was a gold case fitter, and his son Charles-Emile, who was a watchmaker) established the foundations for the family’s watchmaking business. Timepieces made by the company up until recently were mainly pocket watches, pendant timepieces, or complication watches. A large percentage of these were bound for the United States and Russia at the time. Charles Emile eventually took over the business in 1883, when his son, Charles Emile, had grown up. Additionally, with the assistance of his son Paul, Charles Emile started his wristwatch manufacturing business in 1915. The company was successful in building a foundation for itself in this new venture by the year 1920.

Tissot’s first time in the wristwatch market was with this model. Although the company is known today for producing wristwatches that are attractive and modern, it was only founded in the 1980s and 1990s, and the watches were created in response to people’s demand for more unusual watch casings made of exotic materials such as granite and wood

The Rising of Tissot Watch Brand

Now it was time for the Tissot family to have a presence in the Russian market as well. To get this done, in 1858, the band embarked on a journey to Russia. After many hardships, his work finally paid off when he was able to market their Savonnette pocket watches in the Russian Empire. The company has been a part of the Swatch Group since 1983, one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers and distributors.

The tradition of being Tissot in Switzerland is maintained to this day by the fact that Le Locle, Switzerland, has been the brand’s home since the company was founded. The legacy of the brand as a timing partner of a number of major sports organizations is strong and diverse, including MotoGP, Ice Hockey, Cycling, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), and Fencing World Championships. The company finally earned the honour and privilege of being the official timekeeper, and so he has the duty and responsibility of timing all of these sports.

Amazing Features of Tissot Wristwatch

The brand is credited with creating the world’s first touchscreen watch in 1999, which was the Tissot Touch. Sapphire crystals may be used in some models that feature in-touch sapphire crystals to monitor compass, barometer, and thermometer sensors. Racers, surfers, and scallywags all have access to timers for their break periods, regattas, and seabags. Additionally, competitors can select the Tissot Touch based on their specific sport because of these modifications.

The latest models of the company are the Touch Expert Solar and the Lady Touch, each of which has 25 functions. Due to the favourable business and financial prospects of the Tissot Touch family, the company’s fortune is projected to increase significantly during the next two or three centuries, thanks to innovative items like the Complication Squelette, the creation of the Locle, and classical offerings like the Tissot Manual.

The Iconic Collections

Tissot watches are available in a wide range of technological configurations, such as models that use both automatic and quartz movements as well as models that are powered by solar cells. For the most part, most models will have a wide range of available styles, such as stainless steel, gold, titanium, silver, or some combination of metals, as well as dials with different patterns and different types of bracelets.

In 2018, the collection is divided into seven product categories, which are listed below:


The T Sport collection includes sports watches and diver watches. Popular and well-liked collections include the PRS 516, V8, Seastar 1000, T Race, and many others. This range is mostly made up of men’s watches, but there are a few sporty ladies wristwatches as well.


Although staying true to its roots. The company also manufactures pocket watches, just as they did in 1853. These pocket watches are proof not only of the brand’s fine craftsmanship but also of its expertise. The Lepine, Savonnette, and the special Musical Seasons pocket watches are among the sets, which use mechanical parts to play music.

  • T-LADY

Apart from men’s watches, the  T Lady collection houses some of the most legendary women’s timepieces. The Flamingo, Lovely, Generosi-T, and Cera collections are among the most common. There are real diamonds and mother of pearl dials that you can find on some Tissot women’s watches.

  • T-GOLD 

The T Gold collection is dedicated to the brand’s gold watches. It is a large set that is continually updated each year. The new 18 kt Gold Vintage range, which is available in both men and ladies’ versions, is one of the most recent and elegant timepieces in this gold watch collection.


The T Classic collection features mainly classic, understated, and timeless designs. The Luxury, Bridgeport, Couturier, and Tradition collections are all housed here. This range includes models such as the widely regarded T-Complication Squelette, making it versatile.


The T Touch Collection features multifunction tactical watches with features including a chronograph, altimeter, compass, alarm, thermometer, barometer, date, and time that you can access by pressing the sensor-equipped sapphire watch glass.


The Heritage series features refurbished watches that are influenced by the company’s vintage collections. These were introduced in 2003 to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary. The Visodate and the Heritage Navigator are two of the most common automatic watches today.


Since their foundation, Tissot watches have kept to their slogan, “Innovators by Tradition.” They have shown their contribution to technological advancement and creativity over and over again. While striving to establish their status in the field, their motive is to expand on their previous achievements. While Tissot’s price point might make them appear inexpensive, their fine craftsmanship and a wide range of options ensure that they remain luxurious throughout the watch buyer’s lifetime. The craftsmanship needed to make watches that can withstand blows and scratches during sports is of the highest order.

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