Top 4 Creative Brochure Design Ideas to Attract Customers

Top 4 Creative Brochure Design Ideas to Attract Customers

Designing a brochure is a staple project in nearly every school. However, when it comes to your business, you’ll need to step up your design game.

In order to attract an audience, your brochure needs to be creative. Instead of the typical tri-fold, text-filled pamphlet, coming up with unique ideas can help you sell products and services.

Not sure how to make your ideas stand out amongst the rest? Keep reading for some of the most creative brochure design ideas to help draw in an audience.

  1. Unique Fold-Outs

A traditional brochure is composed of a single sheet of paper folded in a specific way to create six sections.

Rather than stick to the status quo, you can utilize creative and unique folding patterns for a modern brochure design. From gatefolds to a posture brochure fold, readers will appreciate a new take on classic handouts.

Similarly, you don’t have to use a standard rectangular shape. You can try and experiment with different shapes that fold out to display information.

  1. Try Different Materials

Nearly every pamphlet or brochure is composed of the same glossy paper. Though standard, this can be a bit drab. Instead, try out different materials for your brochure. This can add a unique texture!

Whether you choose matte cardstock or canvas paper, using non-traditional paper options can create immediate visual interest.

No matter what material you use, Digi Print & Copy can provide you with a beautiful brochure!

  1. Incorporate Cut-Outs

Another fun way to add texture and dimension to your handouts is to add cut-outs to your design.

Whether you add a circle window cut out for your brochure cover design or laser cuts for texture, this is a unique way to get creative. You can also use cut-outs to create shapes and highlight specific headers or bodies of text.

Not only is this visually interesting, but it also provides both a modern and artistic touch to your handout.

  1. Keep It Simple

One of the best brochure design tips is to keep your designs simple. This is an effective way to draw in customers. While bright colors and busy fonts, may be visually appealing and influential, they can often be overwhelming.

Instead, choose one fun element and make it the focus of your design. Incorporating too many ideas can be a turnoff for customers and distract from the main focus of your handout.

Make Your Ideas Pop With a Creative Brochure Design

When it comes to brochure design ideas, it’s important to stand out from the crowd! However, try to ensure that your ideas are in line with your product or service.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different ideas. When creating your pamphlet, there is a lot of trial and error that goes into coming up with an effective design.

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