Top Engaging Ways to Teach with Fun Using Online Teaching Apps

Top Engaging Ways to Teach with Fun Using Online Teaching Apps

Today where we walk beside technology, online education is a rich fruit of technology, taking the world one step forward. However, you need to enjoy that fruit creatively. The teachers who give instructions online should always be tried to make classes more interactive and fun. Moreover, interaction is somewhere lacking in online courses. Thus, teachers should know the various ways to make the lessons more fun and engaging while online teaching. So this is why today we have brought a piece of complete-fledged information in which you can learn various methods by which you can make your lessons fun and interesting. Let us begin to know about different ways.

Know Your Class

The first and foremost step is planning to make your classes fun and engaging when you teach online. Firstly, the primary concern is to know which kind of class are you teaching in. Sometimes understudies want to play and learn, while other times they want to focus on their studies. Therefore you must know your students. For example, suppose you devote your time to only giving instructions in a class where the students get bored quickly and fail to teach them. However, sing with fun in such a class where the students only want to devote their valuable time to studies is a waste of time. Thus, every teacher must know their audience.

The material used for teaching should be easy to understand, and also, you can narrate small stories while teaching that generate interest among students. The teacher also organizes debates in classes to assist the students to participate in class interactions. Moreover, you can also discuss recent news in your lesson.

Extend Learning

The teacher is limited to only one syllabus, which leaves a monotonous impact on the understudies’ minds. There is a need to teach out of the box. Students feel bored if they constantly learn about one subject for plenty of days. Also, their mines are stick only to one window that results in cramming the syllabus. And as we know, cramming has helped nobody. 

Thus, teachers should make a plan to deliver small lectures about various topics in an effective way. The little mind of understudies always wants to learn something interesting and exciting. Thus, flipping to some other issues for a day or two in a month is a suitable teaching style. The students also become long learners in this way. 

Organizing Small Games

There are two ways in which you can make the understudies play. The first way is to organize small games in which every student can participate. Small games relax the minds of students, and also they remain serious during the class. Another way is to make such a game in which the students can understand a topic. 

Moreover, small students always want to play games and have fun. This way can help them in learning quickly while playing. They take all the games and challenges and hence urge to win. According to the studies, students have high interest and more dedication to succeed in a particular game. Therefore, organizing games in which the topics can be covered is a beautiful idea. 

Thus, organizing small games to make games in which the student can easily cover the syllabus is an engaging and creative way to provide education using an online teaching app.

Don’t Teach Irrelevant

Sometimes the students feel the board, and they want to get only the necessary knowledge. Moreover, a teacher should know when to deliver something out of the box and stick to the syllabus. Unfortunately, in online education, it is a bit difficult to find teaching as the teacher cannot see the expression of students. The student’s expression is feedback to the teacher’s which is lacking in online sessions. However, you can simply narrate small stories in which the syllabus can be covered or a part of it. 

Teach with Hearts

Online teachers should realize that they are not teaching solely for money. A teacher can be a capable mind. Therefore you must never forget that you should familiarise yourself with your pure heart no matter whether you are teaching online or offline. A student always remembers the efforts and kindness of a teacher. Therefore, teach genuinely and effectively.


The innovative ideas which have emerged out are not online teaching but online interaction! Because only teaching and singing your lesson yourself all the time will bore students and won’t be able to grab their attention. So there is a significant need to start interacting with the understudies.

Teachers need to interact not like regular offline classes but with the new ways of online teaching and interacting!

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