Property is the new age gold, as the people of Sydney are looking at house and land packages in Kellyville to be the new safety investment not only because of the amazing deals and locations made available for purchase but also since these spectacular homes and lands are worth living in. 

Some top-notch brokers and real estate agents will surely make available some of the best house and land packages in Kellyville which further reinstates the fact that Kellyville is the new hot and booming place to live in. There are a lot of reasons as to why a person should consider living in this part of Sydney, but a few striking factors to wheel in are as follows:

  • There is already a vast population residing there; close to 30,000 people have their beautiful homes in Kellyville.
  • The serene and seclusion of Kellyville, which is present in the suburbs of Hills Shire, not only provides the residents with the option of disconnecting from the bustle of central Sydney by offering some gorgeousness of the countryside but also allows them to stay connected with the business hub of Sydney which is present merely 42km away.
  • There is also a statistic that shows that almost 2/3 of the people living at Kellyville commute to and fro to their respective workplaces that clearly demonstrates the fact of people living in a calm neighbourhood and also have their workplaces at an accessible distance from their homes.
  • Apart from that, there are a lot of other awesome advantages to this locality, as there are places for people to worship, secondary schools made available for kids, farms which can be great to visit, food markets that allow local and fresh produce made available for all and so much more that allows people to experience the humble living of a rural area at the same time stay in tune with their modern living ideas.

Tips to consider before looking at house and land packages in Kellyville:

  • The locality: This is one main factor to always rope in as the locality where a house resides is extremely important, and no better place in Sydney than the suburbs of Hills Shire, the amazing locality of Kellyville.
  • Investment and Budget: Try and find house and land packages in Kellyville that work within the budget, as it is easy to get persuaded into looking at homes and lands that are far off from the budget in mind. Always remember that a house, in the end, should be a place where retirement can be planned for without burning a deep hole in the pocket.
  • Find the right agent: This is by far the most important factor or tip to be considered as in the end, a very good real estate agent who can understand the needs and budget of the client will only be able to satisfy them without looking at things to their benefit, after all, it is their job to be transparent and show clients what is best. There are many wonderful agents and teams available, most of whom are reachable either online or are a phone call away.
  • The Resale Value of property: This is a very good tip for individuals who are just dipping their toes into real estate and trying to buy their very first home, as this is something not a lot of people advise them about. The property’s resale value will determine if they want to move and what they can gain in return.

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