When you get started in copywriting, you have two main statuses: that of employee or that of self-employed. Each has advantages and disadvantages. This very personal choice depends on both your professional ambitions and your individual or family projects.

Employees, a secure environment

To start your professional career, getting a work contract in a company is often the first objective at the end of your training. In terms of Web copywriting, open-ended positions are mainly found in communication or marketing departments of large companies, as well as in editorial Web agencies, communication agencies, SEO and website creation companies, etc. Web editor’s missions focus on writing rich and relevant content, developing the natural referencing of the company’s website and its presence on social networks.

For the beginner web writer, recognition of his training is essential. In addition, the copywriter will be at an advantage if he has the SEO optimization skills required by the company.

In addition to his specific training in web writing, the editor will be able to highlight his possible professional experience and his writing skills. Depending on the objectives of the company or the desired agency, his great versatility or, on the contrary, his in-depth knowledge in a specific field will be greatly appreciated.

The financial and social advantages of the employment

Among the indisputable advantages of the employment contract, we can mention the guarantee of regular remuneration. This fixed minimum per month brings financial stability and a certain credibility with many organizations, such as banks. This advantage can therefore work in favor of certain personal or family projects.

In addition, the salaried web editor benefits from good social coverage. The payment of compulsory contributions by the employer gives entitlement, if necessary, to unemployment insurance and quickly provides pension rights.

Respecting regular office hours can also be seen as a comfort. As well as teamwork when the employee collaborates with the various departments of the company in a motivating social environment. Finally, the company often offers opportunities for internal development.

The disadvantages of the employment, a restricted creativity

The relative security of the employment contract cannot erase the weight of the hierarchy. Copywriting is strictly governed by the company’s editorial line. The copywriter’s need for creativity can thus be quickly constrained by the directives of the communication department or the established marketing strategy. Too specific business activity can also lead to repetitive work.

For some, an imposed schedule, daily trips between home and office, as well as a sometimes strained team spirit are synonymous with heavy constraints.

Setting up freelance: relative freedom

Freelance status is more common after a professional retraining or when the salaried web editor decides to set up on his own. A certain number of training courses, including online, offer to acquire the skills necessary for the practice of web writing and SEO. However, no qualifications or diplomas are required to set up as a professional freelance web writer, you only need to learn from best copywriting course and you can start your professional copywriter services.

Faced with the strong competition, it seems difficult to stand out. Yet even beginners have every chance to prove their writing skills on the Internet. The mastery of skills or particular themes will very quickly be valued. In addition, copywriting course platforms provide excellent opportunities to improve one’s style and gain experience.

At the start of their careers, many freelance web writers choose for the micro-enterprises (auto-entrepreneur) scheme. This status indeed offers the advantage of paying social contributions only on the basis of the income generated. In addition, the administrative, accounting and tax formalities and obligations are considerably simplified.

Other legal statuses exist. They are nevertheless more appropriate for those who plan to join a company or who would quickly exceed the legal ceilings for the activity of self-employed. This choice determines the social and fiscal regime applicable to the self-employed. It is therefore very important to properly develop your project.

The advantages of independence

The most notable advantage of the independent plan is the great flexibility in the organization of its work: free hours and place of work, direct relationship with customers, choice of contracts and themes, control of its workload … The income of the freelance copywriter is therefore proportional to the effort and time spent on his missions.

In addition, he may be required to deal with a wide variety of subjects depending on the news and his fields of preference.

Finally, self-employed status often responds to a need for freedom and personal development. It is also an ideal solution to work on trial in copywriting, in addition to a salaried activity, before starting full-time.

The disadvantages of the freelance, the price of independence

Independence of course comes at a price. Starting with the initial investment and, subsequently, operating (computer, Internet subscription, insurance, etc.). Then, prospecting for new clients is time consuming and makes the editor’s remuneration very uncertain. A lot of autonomy and a great versatility are determining to have skills in secretarial, administrative formalities, accountancy, marketing, communication, data processing, creation of Internet site… Which pushes certain Web editors to isolate themselves involuntarily. Finally, being free to organize your days does not always mean working less.

In addition, the social coverage of the self-employed is lower than that of the salaried scheme. However, it is possible to compensate with private insurance (unemployment, mutual insurance, etc.). In the absence of sufficient revenue, contributions for pension rights are often difficult when starting a business.

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