What are Japan’s most loved candies?

What candy bar is considered good luck in Japan? The short ans is yes. The list of candy bar is based upon the Japanese Amazon sales rankings (amazon.co.jp). This list excludes chocolates, snacks, throat candies, and other items like nuts or raisins, as well as unique gifts or celebratory products. This means that only Japanese-made candy is available in Japanese convenience stores and supermarkets.

Ore no Milk Candy

Nobel hard candy with intense, rich milky flavors. This milk candy is for the tough guys. “Ore” refers to rough manly ways to refer to oneself. The large text on the packaging says “tough guy Milk,” which can be taken as a joke.

Wawrinka Rose Candy

A sweet and sour fruity soft cane with a rose scent and fruity taste. You’ll smell a little rose after you eat it. It contains rose-derived oils and is fortified in vitamin C. It is available in English.


It is a Japanese word that means “foamy balls” and can fizzle when it’s eaten. There are three flavors: grape, pineapple, or apple.


Gummy candies flavored with Japanese salty plum, which are very sour and even have salty plum powder.

Click Pop Candy

These are Disney characters, and they look like Mickey’s head. Glico Japan makes them.

Morinaga Salt Candy

These sweet and salty chewy candies have both sweetness and salt. These candies are made with rock salt, which they have sourced from France.

Anpanman Pero Pero Candy

Anpanman is Japan’s most well-known character, surpassing Disney. He is a familiar character to all children by the age of three. Products featuring his image sell like hotcakes, including these lollipops.

Umeboshi No Tane

These plum candies, which are individually wrapped, are sweet and complex.

Pineapple Candy

what candy bar is considered good luck in Japan? It was surprising, considering pineapple candies aren’t ubiquitous in supermarkets and convenience stores. They might be a huge seller on Amazon due to bulk buyers — one kilogram of candy per bag!


Ramune, a tablet-like candy similar to pop, has been available in Japanese neighborhood corner shops for many years. The same flavor is available in a ramune beverage. It’s famous for having a ball you need to press into the bottle to open it. Morinaga makes the best-selling ramune candy. It is just like soda bottles.

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