What Are The Important Questions Of Class 11 Physics?

What Are The Important Questions Of Class 11 Physics?

Science is experimenting with your knowledge. It helps you give back to the very society that you are a member of. It helps in the advancement of the whole of mankind. It enables you to address and deal with the dynamic challenges the world faces today. It opens up vistas of opportunities for the future you have planned. It also challenges you to be a better you. Science is as much about application as it is about theory. Navigating through science and experiments can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with the basic concepts. It provides you with all the skills that the labour market of the day demands. You don’t have to cram facts and figures; science is a fun subject if you have an interest in it and interest comes naturally to you when you understand the concepts.

Once you are promoted to higher classes, the tension and anxiety increase. Class 11 will provide you with the basics that will help you in your Class 12. Your understanding of Class 11 will provide you with a foundation for your next year’s board exams. Hence Class 11 deserves equal efforts on your part. One of the issues faced by students is the increase in the syllabus, which is vast. Now, you have to study separate books of science. Do not wait till the date sheet of your exam arrives. Now is the right time to open that book and read it.

For most of the students, Physics is tough because they don’t give it sufficient time and effort. However, you can still do great in physics. The mantra is to go through your NCERT. Understand the basic concepts given therein. Make sure you practice numerical. NCERT books should be your main source of preparation. They contain all the information you require to lay a firm foundation in a simple and easy to understand language. They provide you with numerous examples and experiments to help understand a topic or a concept better. You can take the help of reference books as they sometimes explain some topics in greater depth.

Once you have read a topic, use the internet to watch videos related to the topic. This will help you solidify your understanding. Make your own notes. Go through your books numerous times. It all comes down to how much time you have given to understand the concept. Once your concepts are clear you will find Physics fun, interesting and most importantly, easy.

After you have read the book once or twice, you must go through NCERT important questions. This will give you an idea about which topics are important from the exam point of view. You can also make your own list of important questions or topics.

Here are some of the points you must keep in mind to conquer your Physics exam.

1. NCERT books

To ace your exam, you need to realize that the NCERT books are enough. There is no substitute for NCERTs. You can take help of your reference books if needed. The language in NCERT books is simple. The focus of NCERT books is that you understand the concept. You can also write answers in your exams in the same way, short sentences with simple language.

2. Regularity

Be regular in your classes, read your books and notes daily, and practice your questions on a daily basis. Go through your books again and again. This will save your precious time when the exam approaches. Pay attention to what your teacher teaches. There is no substitute for hard work.

3. Time table

Make a timetable that suits your lifestyle. It will also imbibe self-discipline in you. At the same time, it ensures that you make time for all the subjects. Stick it to a wall in your room and then stick to the timetable as well. Make sure that practising the numerical is also included in it.

4. Practice

Done with the concepts, now what? After you are done with your basics, practice the questions given at the end of each chapter. Practice the questions given in your reference books. Practice the diagrams. Self-evaluate yourself. If you find it difficult to answer a particular question, go through the topic once again. Search for questions online to check how well you have understood a topic. Make a list of questions and topics you find difficult.

5. Previous year questions

They help you understand the pattern and the language of the exam. They enable you to gauge the importance of different topics. You can, therefore, strategize accordingly. Write your answers the way you’ll write in the exam, with appropriate formulas, diagrams, equations. Get yourself a feel of the exam before the exam.

6. Notes

Write your notes in your own language. Writing down something ensures that it is etched in your mind. Take notes in classes and revise them later. This will help you to recall information in exams easier.

7. Revise

When you have finished your reading, understanding and practising, revise. Go through the books, diagrams, notes, your practised questions, list of difficult questions again. Revise them at least thrice before the exam.

Following the above-mentioned points will assist you in your preparation. They describe the importance of NCERT books, reference books, practising and revising regularly. You really don’t have to get yourself enrolled in every tuition class. All you have to do is read your NCERT, understand the concepts, and solidify your preparation with reference books and internet and practice. Practising is of crucial significance here because it enables you to solve different types of questions that can be asked in an exam. Last but not least is revising what you have learnt.

Also, indulge yourself in some physical activity. It energizes your brain, increasing the supply of blood your brain gets. Eat healthy food. We all are aware of the saying, A healthy brain lives in a healthy body. Take regular breaks. Spend enough time with your family and friends. Lastly, do not panic, stay calm!

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