What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate?

What is AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate is an examination offered by Amazon. It is one of the most challenging and high demand qualifications available today. This certification verifies an individual’s technical skills and capabilities who performs a solutions architect role and has more than one year of experience in AWS. It also helps you learn the various AWS features and their infrastructure.

The AWS Solution Architect has two categories. Which are Associate and Professional. The one needs to qualify in the Associate examination first and then should clear the Professional examination. SAA-C02 is the name of the most recent edition of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. This is one of the most popular certifications for professionals to earn significant pay. Enrolling in AWS training helps you gain all the required skills to clear your AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate examination.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Examination evaluates the following:

  • It evaluates your understanding of AWS services.
  • It verifies your knowledge on the development and secure delivery of reliable apps.
  • It validates your problem-solving skills for customer needs utilizing architectural design concepts.
  • It estimates your ability in defining solutions during the project life cycle.
  • It validates your capability of best practices on deployment strategies in an organization.

Why is AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate Certification required?

At some point, you must have wondered why you should consider AWS certification. In this section, you will get an answer to that question. Read on.

The main three reasons why we need this certification are mentioned below:

  • Job Opportunities

AWS is the most popular cloud service all over the world. And the job role of AWS Solution Architect has become more crucial. As a result, the scope of this role is increasing day by day. With the best hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge in AWS along with this AWS Solutions Architect-Associate Certification, you have hands full of job opportunities.

  • Improve skills

As the world is full of cloud computing technologies. Becoming a professional in a popular cloud platform like AWS will help you improve your skills. Improving your skills is essential to stay updated. Upgrading your skills with the latest technologies is important to lead an IT career.

  • Career Growth

This popular AWS Solution Architect Certification will assist in your better career growth. Having working experience in AWS along with certification is beneficial for your career. As many companies are looking forward to AWS professionals, you can stand out from the crowd with this certification.

What are the Skills Required?

  1. First, you need to have a basic understanding of all the AWS services
  2. You should be able to discover and determine the technical requirements for an AWS-based application.
  3. You should have the capability to determine which AWS services are compatible with a specific technical need.
  4. Having in-depth knowledge of the basic principles of AWS Cloud’s architecture is required.
  5. You must have hands-on experience on how to construct well-architected applications on AWS using best practices
  6. You need to gain knowledge in computing, networking, and storage.
  7. You must have hands-on experience in AWS deployment and administration services
  8. You must have working experience in the worldwide infrastructure of AWS.
  9. You must also be aware of various network technologies and how they relate to AWS.
  10. Having an understanding of security features and their capabilities in AWS is also required.

What is the Exam Pattern?

  • The AWS exam is highly supervised.
  • You can give the examination from a given specific center or online.
  • In this examination, each participant will be given 130 minutes.
  • You need to complete 65 multiple-choice questions in this particular time duration. Some may be multiple response questions also.
  • The cost of the examination is 150 USD.
  • The exam results are given as a scaled score between 100 and 1,000.
  • you need 720 to pass the examination.

Syllabus for AWS SAA-C02 Examination

This examination is broadly divided into various categories with a specific weightage. The various categories in this examination are mentioned below:

  1. The first category is based on monitoring, tracking, and restoration. Which covers 20% in the examination.
  2. In this category, the questions are all based on reliability and continuity of business with the weightage of 16%
  3. And 18% is covered on the topics of deployment, automation, and provisioning.
  4. The questions on security and storage cover 16%.
  5. Next, there will be questions based on network and delivery which are 18%
  6. The last section covers 12% with the topics of cost and performance optimization.

Jobs after this Certification

After successfully completing this AWS examination by scoring a minimum of 720 marks, you will become a certified AWS solutions architect. You will have various job opportunities to move forward in your career. The topmost careers jobs you will be eligible for are mentioned below.

  • AWS Solutions Architect
  • AWS Cloud Architect
  • AWS Cloud Engineer
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Cloud Solutions Architect Manager




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