What Is Popcorn Ceiling And How Can You Get Rid Of It?

What Is Popcorn Ceiling And How Can You Get Rid Of It?

There’s no denying that popcorn ceilings can make any homeowner cringe. But, that’s not even the worst part because the worst part is that popcorn ceilings can also reduce the current market value of your home, especially if you’re planning to sell it recently.

But, what’s exactly a ‘popcorn ceiling’? Well, read on to find out more.

What Do You Mean By Popcorn Ceilings?

Popcorn ceilings, otherwise known as acoustic ceilings, generally became popular during the mid to late 1900s. Some of the major reasons why contractors tend to like them are because:

  • They can hide any ceiling flaws.
  • They were easy and fast to install, thereby saving time & money.
  • They can help in absorbing sounds.

The Ways To Get Rid Of Popcorn Ceilings

It should be realised that popcorn ceilings are not at all difficult to get rid of but the process is indeed cumbersome. Painters in Wellington suggest that it roughly takes around 20 hours to remove 500 square-feet of popcorn ceiling.

But, before you proceed to take off your popcorn ceilings, you should first test for any presence of asbestos because asbestos is a toxic element that can have a damaging effect on the lungs of human beings. Therefore, if your ceilings were installed before the 1980s, then most probably it will contain asbestos. In that case, you can proceed to hire a professional to test for the same or you can do that all by yourself. However, we would always suggest using DIY techniques because you’ll be putting your health at risk.

Once you’re done testing for asbestos, you can now move to the next segment.

Grabbing The Tools

If you find your ceilings asbestos-free, then only proceed with this DIY ceiling removing procedure. You’ll be needing the following tools:

  • Painter’s tape.
  • Putty knife.
  • Clean garden sprayer.
  • Safety goggles.
  • Dust mask.
  • Plastic sheets.

Proceed To Protect Your Surroundings

Since the removal of the ceilings will be a messy job, it’s better to remove the furniture as well as other items from the area where you’ll be doing the job. Follow the given precautions:

  • Open all the windows.
  • Takedown all your lighting fixtures as well as ceiling fans.
  • Turn off your HVAC systems.
  • Cover all the electrical boxes with painter’s tapes.
  • Turn off the electricity in the room that you’ll be working.
  • Cover the vents and outlets with plastic sheets.

Once you’re done taking the precautions, proceed to spray enough water to damp the ceilings. Once done, wait for fifteen minutes and then use the putty knife to cut the ceiling layer. Repeat the process until it’s done. Lastly, sand the surface, prime it and then paint it like a new ceiling.

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